Noctua NF-S12A: High-End Fans for Customers with No Financial Constraints

Fans from Noctua have been enjoying great popularity among customers with no financial constraints for a long time already. Austrian manufacturer gets used to offer only qualitative and exclusive products, ensuring the maximal operational effect. Its new fan models, combined under a single codename NF-S12A, are a bright evidence of quality and performance. The series has been elaborated with each and every detail in consideration, thus the price tag is corresponding: $22.

Noctua NF-S12A series belongs to the third generation of PC chassis fans. Developed in 120 mm dimensions, the series is introduced by three models: ULN 600/800 RPM, PWM 300-1200 RPM, and FLX 700/900/1200 RPM. All three fans employ a self-stabilizing oil bearing SSO2 as the basis. Its assumed time of foolproof work is estimated as 150 thousand hours.

Their framework is distinguished by a 7-blade impeller with 'drops' on vanes; these drops are called to prevent the fans' cessation on slow operation. The …

NZXT Phantom 410 Enclosure Review

Computer enclosure segment currently outlives transformations, giving preference to minimization of dimensions and headlong eradication of huge clumsy casings. The developments in this sphere allowed manufacturers to deliver enclosures of mid-tower and small-tower form factor even for the creation of high-end systems. Hence, NZXT company, that previously attracted the public by full-tower gamers enclosure, has designed spacious midi-tower chassis Phantom 410. This model is distinguished by the possibility to install full-size components despite the compact dimensions.

Design and Delivery Kit

Phantom 410 enclosure is developed with original ideas in mind. Its rounded shape and extraordinary frontal part adds some refinement to the casing and attributes it to the gamers-type model. The color gamut will gladden consumers with any predilections as the spectrum involves black, red, white, gray, black-and-orange, and black-and-white. Such bright coloring touches only upon …

WQHD Monitor Asus PB278Q Review

27-inch monitors were supposed to be quite an expensive solution several months ago, but today they are becoming more affordable due to the switch to LED technology. To say more, the army of displays with WQHD resolution (2560x1440) has grown from a few rare models to a line of products designed by a series of vendors. Asus joined this army with the introduction of monitor PB278Q. Its launch aroused great interest from the part of Asus devotees, as well as of all 'WQHD-targeted' customers.

Background Information

Monitor PB278Q is the first 27-inch model with WQHD resolution designed by Asus. It employs PLS+W-LED panel type manufactured by Samsung (LTM270DL02) and is a true 8-bit solution for home-based and corporate spheres. The array response time, measured at GtG methodology, is recorded at 5 ms mark. Viewing angles in both flats (vertical and horizontal) equal to 178 degrees; this is a typical figure for such type of displays. The maximal display brightness achieves 300 …
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  70. Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 4600i based on Dell Computer Corp. 0F4491 - 15 unique systems
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  72. ASUSTeK Computer Inc. K50IJ - 15 unique systems
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  80. MSI MS-7309 - 14 unique systems
  81. Dell Inc. Inspiron 5520 based on Dell Inc. 04G65K (xxx123x#ABA) - 14 unique systems
  82. FUJITSU LIFEBOOK AH531 based on FUJITSU FJNBB0F - 14 unique systems
  83. ASUSTeK Computer INC. P5GC-MX/1333 - 13 unique systems
  84. Dell Inc. Inspiron 1420 based on Dell Inc. 0DT492 - 13 unique systems
  85. TOSHIBA Satellite A105 based on ATI SB450 - 13 unique systems
  86. Gigabyte Technology Co., Ltd. GA-970A-UD3 - 13 unique systems
  87. Dell Computer Corporation Dimension 3000 based on Dell Computer Corp. 0R8060 - 13 unique systems
  88. Intel Corporation D945GCZ - 13 unique systems
  89. Dell Inc. OptiPlex GX280 based on Dell Inc. 0G8310 - 13 unique systems
  90. TOSHIBA Satellite C660 based on TOSHIBA PWWAA - 13 unique systems
  91. Dell Inc. Inspiron N4010 based on Dell Inc. 021CN3 - 13 unique systems
  92. Gateway NV57H based on Gateway SJV50_HR - 13 unique systems
  93. Dell Inc. Inspiron N7010 based on Dell Inc. 08VFX1 - 13 unique systems
  94. Dell Inc. Vostro 1015 based on Dell Inc. 047MWF - 13 unique systems
  95. Dell Inc. OptiPlex GX620 based on Dell Inc. 0PY423 - 13 unique systems
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  100. Dell Inc. Latitude D620 - 12 unique systems
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