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AMD Readies a Pair of Power-Efficient Desktop Processors

The Internet community is engrossed in a lively debate about the upcoming release of two new Richland desktop processors from AMD. The company has not made any official claims yet, however MSI marked the pair as an appropriate match for some of its new motherboards. Those Richland CPUs, which has already been launched by AMD, proved to be rather power-efficient, featuring 65 W and 100 W TDP level. But new entries – AMD A8-6500T and AMD A10-6700T – are thought to receive 45 W TDP package.

Upon the whole, AMD Richland processors position themselves as affordable, efficient and reliable solutions that can be employed for the assembling of systems with moderate or heightened demands. Some CPU models might be even used for the assembling of gaming systems. However, along with high performance, Richland processors are rather power-efficient; this makes them an ideal choice for home-based and corporate-class PC platforms.

As for the announced models, their specifications are still vague. AMD A8-6500T (codename AD650TYHA44HL) features four computing cores and runs at 2.1 GHz frequency. Graphics facilities are realized due to HD8550D video chip, operating at 720 MHz. The volume of cache-memory (L2) makes up 4 MB.

In its turn, AMD A10-6700T (codename AD670TYHA44HL) accommodates four computing cores too, but they run at 2.5 GHz clock frequency. The unit employs HD8650D video chip to ensure appropriate graphics facilities. The volume of cache-memory is analogous to A8-6500T model.
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  • 03 July 2013, 17:59
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