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Here Comes the 2nd Generation of Enermax Revolution X’t PSUs

Following the success of Revolution X’t series of power supply units, Enermax has introduced the second generation of revolutionary solutions: the Revolution X’T II. The series counts four models of 160x150x86 mm dimensions, each complying with 80Plus Gold certificate (up to 92% efficiency level). All the new-comers are able to operate in a wide voltage range (100-240 V) to meet the requirements of different PC platforms.

Enermax Revolution X’t II units come equipped with a single +12V rail with high output capability, high-end Japanese electrolytic capacitors, DC-to-DC converters as well as other reliable hardware. The chassis is cooled down by 139-mm fan, based on patented Twister bearing; consequently, the fan is estimated for 160.000 hours of fail-safe activity.

In order to reduce the end price of the models, Enermax has implemented hybrid cabling: key cables are connected to the chassis, while accessory cables might be detached when unnecessary. The units support 2013 ErP Lot 6 standard, Active PFC technology, a series of safety mechanisms (UVP, OPP, OCP, SCP), Heatguard technology that maintains the rotation of a fan during 30-60 seconds after shut off, CordGuard technology that fixes the power cable securely.

To continue, each unit in the series features the following specifications:
— Revolution X’t II 450 W: peak power – 495 W, current rate – 3.5-7 A, output capacity of +3.3/5 V rails – 100 W, output capacity of +12V rail – 444 W;
— Revolution X’t II 550 W: peak power – 605 W, current rate – 4-8 A, output capacity of +3.3/5 V rails – 110 W, output capacity of +12V rail – 540 W;
— Revolution X’t II 650 W: peak power – 715 W, current rate – 5-10 A, output capacity of +3.3/5 V rails – 110 W, output capacity of +12V rail – 636 W;
— Revolution X’t II 750 W: peak power – 825 W, current rate – 5-10 A, output capacity of +3.3/5 V rails – 120 W, output capacity of +12V rail – 744 W.
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  • 24 February 2016, 14:24
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