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PSU Evga 500B: a Perfect ‘Price-Quality’ Combination

Evga, a merited designer of a large spectrum of PC components, is about to release a new power supply unit, entitled 500B (codename: 100-B1-0500-KR). As seen from the title, this model features 500W power and is oriented at saving users, rather than enthusiasts. The unit is already marked by 80Plus Bronze certificate, due to 80% efficiency level on ordinary loading. Upon the whole, 500B is thought to be a perfect ‘price-quality’ combination, ready to comply with all basic users’ requirements.

Evga 500B employs a single +12V rail that ensures a stable power supply to the connected components and guarantees compatibility with new equipment. The unit is estimated for 40A current at +12V rail. Stability of operation might be secured also by means of an onboard protection system; it saves the system from power disruptions, overloading, low input voltage, high voltage, and from short circuit.

To continue, quiet and reliable PSU operation is a merit of a low-noise fan. It protects all critical components within the unit from overheating and promotes for their durable lifetime. This results in lower power consumption that can’t be but praised by average users.

It should be underlined that this PSU model is totally compatible with all Intel Haswell processors (4th generation). This makes it an optimal choice for the majority of contemporary PC platforms. In addition, Evga complements the new entry with 3-year limited warranty to provide urgent support whenever the user needs it. Recommended by the manufacturer price for the item fluctuates within the measures of $50.
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  • 23 July 2013, 18:38
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