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SSD Silicon Power Velox V60 Review

SSDs got implanted into IT market long time ago but still manage to provide potential customers with innovative and efficient solutions. There is no wonder that SSD market is represented by a large number of products oriented as on enthusiasts so on average people with average needs. Silicon Power is among the companies that frequently gladdens its clients with ever newer models and advanced technologies. Its new Velox V60 series is ready to offer an unmatched performance and unprecedented durability, along with rather 'stinging' price. However, its specifications justify the high cost.

Delivery Kit

Silicon Power Velox V60 is delivered in a compact cardboard, the external cover of which is full of information about this model. The kit involves a set of necessary for usage components, such as accompanying documentation, user manual, 3.5-inch adapter, and a set of screws. The screws are a useful means for the installation of the SSD not only in a dedicated slot in laptop, but also in a desktop PC.

Design and Integration

SSD Velox V60 casing in made of aluminum and the overall weight of the device does not exceed 67 g. For sure, the manufacturer could not but employ plastic for the design of interfaces. Despite this fact, the casing is rather durable and is distinguished by anti-damage characteristics; even enforced compression cannot damage the connectors of the casing. Metallic parts of the casing are fixed by screws which prevent the device from infirmity.

It should be mentioned that one can trace a certain stylization in design to resemble the external drive. This models is not notable for the abundance of decorative elements. The top plate embraces the engraved company's logo, codename of SSD, its volume capacity, and SATA III mark. The reverse side of the SSD includes product's marking and warranty label.

Velox V60 series is represented by a few models of different volume capacities: 60 GB, 120 GB, 240 GB, and 480 GB.


Silicon Power Velox V60 is distinguished by decent functional characteristics. First of all, SSD's speed of operation. Reading and writing speed index can achieve 500-550 Mbit/sec, while writing from HDD to SSD index approximates 94 Mbit/sec. The inverse activity shows the speed of 126 Mbit/sec. Such speed performance is able to surpass the rival models and even achieve the showings of some HDD products.

To continue, this SSD model is peculiar by the support of numerous technologies. S.M.A.R.T. technology enables the possibility to monitor and trace the drive's condition, and further on, estimate the probable term of operation. Trim and Garbage Collection technologies ensure total elimination of unnecessary data. ECC is destined to realize an automatic error correction activity on writing and reading operations.
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  • 31 July 2012, 18:01
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