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Strider Platinum Series ST1200-PT Power Supply Review

While building up enthusiast or gaming system most people concentrate on purchasing the most powerful video cards or the best processors they are able to find and have enough money for. But the one more point most of them leave behind is that they need enough power to run everything. Though overall performance really depends on the choice of a processor and video card, without a quality PSU all the system’s performance will be useless.

Strider Platinum 1200W PSU for High Power Consumption Systems

This review will give you a glance at the SilverStone Strider Platinum 1200W PSU. The whole Strider Platinum series has been created to meet all the growing requirements of both gamers and enthusiasts, as well as those of the professionals. And the 1200W model offers enough power to drive even the most potent systems. This includes not only the highest capacity rate, but two EPS, and also eight PCIe connectors to give enough power to run multiple graphic cards and the highest-end motherboard.

Though ST1200-PT PSU is not simply enough, but excess for most enthusiasts, still there are some systems integrating CrossFire or SLI configurations with sharply overclocked CPUs which aggressively sip power thus making strong effect on consumption due to high voltages and frequencies.

Highest Efficiency for any Power Needs

As most of the PSUs, Strider Platinum Series ST1200-PT achieves its highest efficiency under the loads up to 40-50% of its maximum capacity, though you will not suffer from high energy losses even if your system sips power being actually idle. Generally, the best thing to do is calculating all the system’s full load power needs and then buying a PSU with minimum 20% higher capacity.

In any case the most efficient units are to be favored for the entire budget you are eager to spend. This will allow you saving money on electricity bills and reduce your carbon footprint to the lowest rate as les energy will be wasted.

As for Strider Platinum Series ST1200-PT special features, they are as follows:
  • • highest efficiency rate with 80+ Platinum certification,
  • • 139mm Air Penetrator fan having intelligent semifanless operation,
  • • FF141 magnetized fan filter,
  • • 100% modular cables,
  • • 24/7 continuous power output at 40ºC operating temperature,
  • • strict 3% voltage regulation with low ripple and noise,
  • • dual EPS 8pin with multiple individual one-on-one PCI-E 8/6pin connectors.

Strider Platinum 1200W PSU – Best Choice to Make

Being equipped with the SilverStone designed Air Penetrator fan, which has overwhelming cooling ability, this series’ PSU is extremely quiet with the included ability to run in the fanless mode. While the loading condition is lower than 40%, the supply’s fan system stays off for noiseless operation. The highly efficient FF141 magnetized fan filter reduces dust build-up to almost zero level.

As the ST1200-PT is designed for systems with high power consumption, 16 sets of SATA connectors and multiple individual one-to-one PCI-E 8/6pin connectors are included for the easiest component expansion. When searching for the PSU with the highest rated of most efficiency, performance and quality, Strider Platinum series ST1200-PT power supply will be the best of all possible choices to make.
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  • 06 January 2017, 13:16
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