Huntkey Showcases Its New PSU Series

A new PSU series, codenamed GS (Green Star), has replenished a line of products designed by Huntkey. This series is particularly targeting gamers, providing for the prime facilities and reliability. The models included into the lineup (GS550 and GS450) are equipped with two +12V buses and exclusively high-quality components that promote for the 82% PSU efficiency level. Both models house a 120 mm low-noise fan which is notable by the variable rotational speed.

Upon the whole, Huntkey GS series corresponds to ATX12V V2.3 standard and supports AMD and Intel CPUs. Both models are compatible with graphics adapters designed by Nvidia and AMD. They feature Active PFC which ensures true reliability on different loading conditions. The average time period of foolproof work is estimated at fifty thousand hours. Besides, both units have undergone two types of testing: high voltage and forced failure tests.

GS450 model operates at 200-240VA (50-60Hz) voltage and at nominal 350W. The …

TUL Takes Up Producing Brand PowerColor Graphics Adapter

TUL Corporation has announced the release of its brand high-performance graphics adapter, codenamed PowerColor Radeon HD 7950 Boost State Edition. The major peculiarity of the new product is the integration of GDDR5 memory type with 384 bit interface and support of multiple advanced technologies.

The model is based on black circuit board with the integrated Tahiti PRO chip, developed under 28 mm technological process. This chip accommodates 1792 current processors designed on Graphics Core Next architecture. This graphics adapter is compatible with PCI Express 3.0 x16 bus and DirectX 11.1 facility. The overall volume capacity of GDDR5 memory equals to 3072 MB. Heat management process is realized due to the two-slot cooling system of active type. The rear panel of the adapter is alloted for HDMI and DVI slots, as well as, for a couple of mini-DisplayPort ports.

The nominal frequency of graphics core equals to 850 MHz; nevertheless, the implementation of AMD PowerTune …

Colorful Amazes the Public by a One-Slot iGame Graphics Card

Colorful, a Chinese developer of graphics solutions, unveils some details about its new graphics card, codenamed iGame GTX 650 Ti Buri-Slim. The most peculiar thing about this card is that it takes only one slot within a PC case, if compared with similar models from other manufacturers. The model's design resembles the one implemented in a 2011 release (iGame GTS 450 Buri-Slim).

Colorful iGame GTX 650 Ti Buri-Slim is based on a non-reference printed circuit board; the latter is a bit longer than reference GTX 650 Ti. Hardware base deserves special attention, since it's been given a note of originality, despite being a part of the entry-level adapter. Instead of traditional solid-state capacitors Colorful implemented POSCAP capacitors. Power subsystem is organized according to 3+1 template; it employs high-efficiency transistors designed by ON Semiconductor.

The integrated graphics chip and memory modules of GDDR5 standard operate at 928 MHz and 5400 MHz correspondingly. …
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Tipo de dispositivo 1394
Versión del controlador 5.1.2535.0
Driver Date 2001-07-01
Sistema operativo XP
Upload 2011-06-21
Driver for OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер you can download from
mirror 1: (140 Kb)
oTweak Software

[-] Dispositivos soportados

OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\CC_0C0010
NEC FireWarden OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_1033&DEV_0063
NEC OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_1033&CC_0C0010
National Semiconductor OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_100B&DEV_000F
National Semiconductor OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_100B&CC_0C0010
Sony CXD3222 OHCI i.LINK(IEEE 1394) PCI хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_104D&DEV_8039
Sony CXD3222B OHCI i.LINK(IEEE 1394) PCI хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_104D&DEV_8039&REV_03
Texas Instruments OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_8009
Texas Instruments OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_104C&CC_0C0010
Sony 8032 OHCI i.LINK(IEEE 1394) PCI хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_8009&SUBSYS_8032104D
Texas Instruments OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_104C&DEV_8019
VIA OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_1106&DEV_3044
VIA OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_1106&CC_0C0010
FUJITSU OHCI-совместимый IEEE 1394 хост-контроллер PCI\VEN_10CF&CC_0C0010
RICOH OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller PCI\VEN_1180&DEV_0832
RICOH OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller PCI\VEN_1180&CC_0C0010