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Sparkle Calibre X550 Ti DFL - the budget fighter of old generation

So far in the budget segment with the NVIDIA graphics card is dominated by the old generation. Presented recently GeForce GT 620, GeForce GT 630 and GeForce GT 640 are designed for the lowest price range. Replacement for GeForce GTX 550 Ti is not found yet. For this role is planed the improvement of GeForce GT 640 version with memory GDDR5. But in the sale, they are not yet available, and advertised prices are a bit high. So the GeForce GTX 550 Ti remains in demand. The choice among these models is still large. On the market there are non-standard versions with an improved cooling systems and high frequencies. Sparkle Calibre X550 Ti DFL belongs to the category of just such products.

The card comes in a long black box. Inside is another cardboard box. For accessories, there is a small separate boxes. The package includes the following: an adapter DVI / D-Sub, adapter cable with a mini DisplayPort to DisplayPort, two power adapters from molex 4-pin PCI-E to 6-pin, software CD, and manual. The video card is very solid — the cooling system with two fans, a black jacket with mesh inserts. Even the logo fits perfectly into the overall style and is part of a single design. The back of the video card is completely closed by ribbed plate. In the back of the card is an additional power connector. External communications capabilities are represented by two DVI and one mini HDMI on the rear panel.

The cooler base is made of aluminium. Through it go two heat pipes, which are directly in contact with the GPU chip, providing the most effective heat dissipation. The tubes run through an array of thin aluminium plates. The radiator is made of almost the entire length of the board. The bottom of the aluminium casing is screwed with fans Power Logic PLD080010D12H diameter of 80 mm. The plate on the back side of the board plays a decorative role; it does not dissipate heat from the components or board.

Three-phase voltage converter GPU is made on the controller NCP5395 from ON Semiconductor. The graphic processor GF116-400-A1 is surrounded by a large protective frame. GeForce GTX 550 Ti uses memory chips of different sizes, according to which for 192-bit bus one gigabyte is used. Four circuits are wired: Hynix H5GQ1H24AFR T2C and two Hynix H5GQ2H24MFR T2C.

Instead of the recommended frequencies 900/1800/4104 MHz, this graphics card operates at Calibre 950/1900/4400 MHz. The factory overclocked GPU is not the greatest, for example, Palit Sonic runs at 1000 MHz. But the memory frequency at the Calibre X550 Ti DFL is the highest. According to GPU-Z in this instance ASIC Quality is equal to 80.3%.

12-minute test Crysis: Warhead card warmed to 59 ° C in the case open at 25,5 ° C of room temperature. Already mentioned Palit Sonic heated to 74 ° C in a cold room.

Moreover Calibre is also very quiet. Noticeably, quieter than would be expected at 2100 rev / min. Well, if and 2100 rev / min is not satisfying, the speed of fans can be decreased — with such cooling system, there shouldn’t be any worries about overheating. Sparkle Calibre X550 Ti DFL — the original video card with a powerful cooling system. Cooler with two fans provides a very low operating temperature, with minimal noise. The overclocking potential is not a record, but still not bad.
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  • 30 July 2012, 10:59
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