The Launch of New Generation Core i3 is Planned for Early September

The recent launch of Intel's Ivy Bridge processors based on a new microarchitecture has touched upon Core i5 and Core i7 series. Currently, the company is working vigorously on the advancement of its Core i3 series, as well as, Pentium G2100T and G2120 models. The latter will be designed on similar to its 'brethren' architecture. In accordance with the voiced information, the new processors will be released in early September.

The nominal lineup of Core i3 processors will include five models; processors with T index (i3-3220T and i3-3240T) will be characterized by low power consumption (up to 35W) and average frequencies which will fluctuate in the ranges of 2.8-3 GHz. Senior models (i3-3220 and i3-3225) will operate at 3.3 GHz and have TDP index of 55W, while the superior model Core i3-3240 will achieve the frequency index of 3.4 GHz. These models are distinguished by the availability of more efficient integrated HD 4000 graphics type.

Upon the whole, the third …

Xigmatek Intros New CPU Cooler Gaia II

Xigmatek, an outstanding manufacturer of cutting-edge PC components, announces the release of a new CPU cooler, entitled Gaia II. The model is developed in accordance with a traditional tower-like framework and might be truly called a universal cooling solution. It supports a large variety of platforms for processors with TDP level of not higher than 150 W: Intel Socket LGA 775/1366/1156 and AMD Socket AM2(+)/AM3(+)/FM2/FM1.

Cooler Gaia II is designed with the direct implementation of H.D.T. technology (Heat Pipe Direct Touch). This implies that all three copper heatpipes, which stem from the heatsink base, come into direct contact with the CPU surface. The heatpipes themselves have got U-shape structure and 8 mm dimensions. They pierce ‘multi-plate’ aluminum heatsink to provide for a better heat dissipation.

The model is delivered with a pre-installed 120 mm fan with bright orange blades; it is fixed to one of the heatsink sides and housed in a black frame. The fan is …

Palit Intros GeForce GTX 750 KalmX Graphics Card

Palit, one of the world largest manufacturers of graphics cards, came up to the market with one more edition to the GeForce GTX 750 series – the GeForce GTX 750 KalmX. The model employs etalon PCB with PCIe 3.0 x16 interface and a two-slot passive cooling system. The latter accommodates a massive nickel-plated heatsink, consisting of 43 thin fins, and two heatpipes that connect the heatsink with a copper base. The unique model is already available in German online-stores for 114.9 EUR.

Plait GeForce GTX 750 KalmX is geared up by GM107-300 GPU (28 nm, Maxwell architecture) with 512 CUDA cores. Its base/efficient clock frequency makes up 1020 MHz/1185 MHz. The chip is accompanied by 2 GB of GDDR5 memory with 128-bit interface; its operational clock frequency approximates 5010 MHz.

The list of external interfaces, which are located on the rear panel, includes a couple of DVI ports and a single mini-HDMI port. One should take into consideration that the card is void of an …
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