Sharkoon Unveils WPM V2 Power Supplies

Sharkoon Technologies GmbH has expanded its line of PC products with a new series of power supply units, codenamed WPM V2. The series comprises four ATX V2.3 models of 700 W, 600 W, 500 W, and 400 W capacity. All the new-comers are peculiar by a high efficiency level (more than 80%) and a partially modular design. The company promises to release the series into the European market in the short run. Presumably, the retail price will make up 39.99 EUR.

Sharkoon WPM V2 is equipped with all necessary cables to provide sufficient power to the key system components. This list includes one 24-pin connector, one 4+4-pin connector, two 6+2-pin connectors, one floppy connector, six SATA connectors, and five PATA connectors. All PSUs employ a single +12V bus, accompanied by Active PFC. Cooling of internal components is assigned to a low-noise 140 mm fan that efficiently dissipates heat.

One of the most striking peculiarities is reduced power consumption. Herein, in standby mode the …

E-Book Ectaco JetBook Color Review

The concept of reading has changed dramatically with the emergence of electronic books in the IT market. Nowadays millions of people view e-books as the real discovery as they totally replace libraries and weighty books. These devices are portative tools for reading not only at home but also when on the move. Ectaco JetBook Color developers exceeded their competitors and introduced a revolutionary solution in the form of electronic book with color display. Moreover, Ectaco JetBook Color functions as the tutorial containing a large amount of educational information.

Design and Delivery Set

Ectaco JetBook Color design is distinguished by its elegance and precision, irrespective of the solid dimensions. The faceplate of the e-book is made of glossy plastic and has rounded facets. The back panel has a patterned surface which resembles a leather cover; such cover makes the device easy in handling. All basic control buttons are localized on the black band under the screen. The …

I-O Data Introduces New SSDN-3V to the Home Market

I-O Data, a well-known Japanese developer of top-tier peripheral and interface products, is going to introduce its new SSD series, codenamed SSDN-3V. The newbies will become available in the home market already at the end of the current month. The series involves three models of 60 GB (SSDN-3V60), 120 GB(SSDN-3V120), and 240 GB (SSDN-3V240) capacities. All the models are thought to support SATA 6 Gb/sec interface.

Solid-state drives from I-O Data are based on SandForce/LSI SF-2281 controller and employ NAND flash-memory, designed under 24 nm technological process. SSDs feature 7 mm case depth, but the availability of a dedicated adapter promotes for their installation into a standard 9.5 mm drive bay.

In regard to performance, SSDN-V3 drives offer up to 306 MB/sec speed on consecutive reading operations and up to 186 MB/sec on consecutive writing operations.

Moreover, the manufacturer will deliver the products in a package with a special adapter for the connection …
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