Телефон Vertu

Те, кто думает, что телефон не может быть элитным украшением или изысканным гаджетом, точно ошибаются. Бренд VERTU вызывает уважение у многих пользователей. Такие телефоны являются не просто обычными телефонами. Каждая из деталей этого телефона выполнена руками отличных мастеров. Телефоны VERTU сделаны из качественного, прочного и дорогого материала и представляют собой элитные телефоны.

Все модели телефонов VERTU собраны вручную, точно также, как делается при производстве швейцарских часов. То, что они сделаны ручной сборкой доказывает их …

WD to Release 6 TB Purple HDD

WD Purple, a much talked-of series of hard drives, has been replenished with a new 6 TB model. Similar to its comrades, this HDD is intended for CCTV systems. The new-comer is developed in 3.5-inch form-factor and equipped with 64 MB cache. This provides for the simultaneous interaction with 32 high-definition cameras in 24/7 operational mode.

WD Purple 6 TB is thought to support the following vital technologies:

— Advanced Format Technology (AFT) allows increasing data density on writing.

— AllFrame – if used jointly with data streaming commands via ATA bus, this technology allows eliminating the possibility of omitting the frames, due to the implementation of a unique cache management algorithm. It also supports micro-programs which help in preventing pixelization and undesirable pauses in video recording.

— IntelliSeek helps in defining the most optimal search speed, depending on the current loading. It also reduces power consumption, noise level and …

The First Glance at MSI X99S Gaming 9 ACK & Z97 Gaming 9 ACK Mainboards

MSI could not resist the temptation to officially introduce a pair of new gaming mainboards: the X99S Gaming 9 ACK and the Z97 Gaming 9 ACK. The key distinction of new-comers from analogue models without ‘ACK’ attribute lies in the implementation of dedicated gaming network controllers: Qualcomm Atheros Killer 1525 and Killer E2205. The first one is supposed to support 802.11 ac standard that guarantees 867 Mb/sec throughput bandwidth; it also ensures less data deference. This provides for a faster network traffic processing and, as a result, — for a huge advantage in online gaming.

The E-ATX MSI X99S Gaming 9 ACK motherboard is based on Intel X99 chipset, estimated for Intel Core i7-5000 CPUs with Socket LGA2011-v3. The model features 8x DIMM slots for DDR4-333 MHz memory (4-channel operational mode) of up to 128 GB capacity. Storage subsystem offers eight SATA III ports, whereas expansion facilities are ensured by means of five PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots. The list of …
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