D-Link Showcases AC1900 DWA-192 USB Adapter

D-Link announces the availability of a new wireless USB adapter, entitled AC1900 DWA-192. It is called to facilitate the connection of desktop/mobile PCs (as well as multimedia & gaming devices) to wireless 802.11ac networks, providing up to 1300 Mb/sec within the 5 GHz range or 600 Mb/sec within the 2.4 GHz range.

D-Link AC1900 DWA-192 features USB 3.0 interface, connecting directly to the PC/laptop without additional power source. High-speed interface ensures super-fast data transfer speed (5 Gb/sec) in order to comply with the latest wireless requirements. This adapter proves to be rather efficient when combined with AC1900 DIR-880L or AC3200 DIR-890L wireless routers.

The model employs MIMO 3x4 chip with an integrated Smart-antenna and an amplifier. It supports AC SmartBeam technology that is intended to form a directional signal, void of any interference. Moreover, it provides for a smooth broadcasting of HD video, high-quality gaming and video-chatting, fast file …

SSD Sandisk Extreme Review

The market of solid-state drives is currently saturated with products from multiple manufacturers. Such conjuncture can be viewed from two aspects: on the one hand, the multiformity gives potential customers some perfect opportunities to choose the model which would absolutely comply with their technical requirements and financial possibilities; on the other hand, it can lead to some difficulties in giving preference to the particular product. SanDisk company accepts a challenge from numerous competitors and please their clients with new developments on regular basis. SSD SanDisk Extreme can be attributed to the developments that would not disappoint any person.

Integration and Framework

SSD drives aren’t notable for their unique and extraordinary design, since they are used as the integral component of computer equipment rather than accessory. SSD SanDisk Extreme belongs to the drives with standard design. Metallic cabinet is a reliable shield for the board which …

Well-Knit Gigabyte GA-B85N Phoenix Motherboard Review

While mini-ITX motherboards keep on arousing customers’ mistrust, manufacturers move heaven and earth to eliminate any doubts. Take GA-B85N Phoenix model from Gigabyte alone. It is absolutely ready to satisfy all basic needs a modern high-performance PC requires. In addition, it is not as pricey as its full-format competitors. Hence, what a demanding customer will get for about $100?


Gigabyte GA-B85N Phoenix boasts the following technical data sheet:

— chipset: Intel B85, socket – LGA 1150, supported CPUs – Pentium, Celeron, Xeon, Core (Haswell gen.);

— memory: 2x DIMM slots, DDR3 SDRAM, volume – 16 GB, max. frequency – 1600 MHz;

— expansion: 1x PCIe 3.0 x16, 1x mini-PCIe 2.0 x1;

— storage: 3x SATA III 6 Gb/sec, 1x SATA II 3 Gb/sec, 1x mSATA 6 Gb/sec, all governed by the chipset;

— graphics: Intel HD Graphics onboard, two video outputs (HDMI 1,4a, DVI-I);

— fan connectors: 2x 4-pin;

— audio: Realtek ALC898, 7.1 …
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