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New Software Arrivals from Android Developers

Active users of smartphones, tablets and other gadgets get the whole spectrum of opportunities offered by their sage devices. The progress in the sphere of software development is increasing the performance, and this fact is affirmed by the recent software offers for Android from Open Handset Alliance company. The perfection of this platform allows people even with little experience in the usage of such gadgets to easily cope with all operations. For sure, Android developers take care of those people who do not see their lives without new applications and programs integrated into their devices. Some new software arrivals introduced by Open Handset Alliance are already available for the grassroots.

Thus, specialists from Open Handset Alliance have managed not only to produce software with bright functional characteristics, but also to produce the software with the maximum level of comprehensiveness for all customer groups. With the purpose to extend its customer audience, the …

Apacer to Release DDR3 Memory Modules of Armor Series

About a month ago Apacer Technology announced the release of new DDR3 memory modules to replenish Armor series. Codenamed Apacer Armor DDR3, these modules are chiefly targeting overclockers and inveterate gamers who long for the high-speed performance in various environments. Good news for all Apacer's customers is that the release of these outstanding products is scheduled for the mid January, 2013.

Modules Armor DDR3 consist of heatsinks which resemble 'armor', while the series itself is represented by the items of various colors, including red, yellow, blue, and black versions. This way the customer will be able to select the most suitable module to correspond to the overall chassis and motherboard color gamma. The heatsinks feature quite typical dimensions and this automatically eliminates all problems connected with the installation of voluminous CPU coolers.

The implemented printed circuit board is given black coverage in combination with eye-catching yellow, blue …

Asus Boasts a New ROG Swift PG278Q Gaming Monitor

Asus has begun a new season with the introduction of one more ROG series representative – the ROG Swift PG278Q PC monitor. This 27-inch model outstrips the competitors by a number of exclusive facilities, including an increased refresh rate (starting from 120 Hz), a minimal response time (1 ms only), a true WQHD resolution, and support for Nvidia G-Sync technology. In keeping with the company’s strategy, the monitor is oriented primarily on gamers; however, all fans of high-end imaging will find it a godsend.

To begin with, it must be stressed that Asus ROG Swift PG278Q is the first ever display with WQHD resolution (2560x1440) that supports advanced G-Sync options. These options are thought to synchronize the screen refresh rate with the GPU frames output rate. Thanks to this, there is no tearing or output latency; instead, the gamers enjoy more productivity and a really swift response. The model accommodates DisplayPort v.1.2 in order to communicate with compatible …

die 802.11a/b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card Bestuurder Aflaai

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Bestuurder naam 802.11a/b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card
Lêer naam
Maak MediaTek, Inc.
Type apparaat NET
Grootte 2.14 Mb
Driver weergawe
Driver Date 2016-07-15
Upload 2016-10-14
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Aflaai gratis bestuurder vir 802.11a/b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card Windows 10

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11ac Dual-Band Wi-Fi Dongle 610 USB\VID_0411&PID_00E8
150Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter USB\VID_0411&PID_012E
150N Wireless LAN USB Adapter USB\VID_0411&PID_0148
2EZ wifi N USB Router (EZ-R15NS) USB\VID_0411&PID_0150
300Mbps Wireless 802.11b/g/n USB Adapter USB\VID_0411&PID_015D
450Mbps Wireless-N Dual Band USB Adapter USB\VID_0411&PID_0241
54Mbps Wireless USB Adapter USB\VID_0411&PID_0253
802.11 USB Wireless LAN Adapter USB\VID_0471&PID_200F
802.11 USB Wireless LAN Card USB\VID_04BB&PID_0944
802.11 n/g/b USB Wireless LAN Card USB\VID_04BB&PID_0945
802.11 n/g/b Wireless LAN USB Adapter USB\VID_04BB&PID_0947
802.11 n/g/b Wireless LAN USB Mini-Card USB\VID_04BB&PID_0948
802.11N Wireless USB Adapter USB\VID_04BB&PID_094B
802.11a/b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card USB\VID_04BB&PID_094E
802.11ac Wireless LAN Card USB\VID_04BB&PID_0951
802.11b/g/n USB Wireless LAN Card USB\VID_04BB&PID_0954
802.11b/g/n USB Wireless Network Adapter USB\VID_04BB&PID_0955
802.11bg Mini Card Wireless Adapter USB\VID_050D&PID_1103
802.11bg Wireless Adapter USB\VID_056E&PID_400A
802.11bgn 1T1R Mini Card Wireless Adapter USB\VID_0586&PID_3416
802.11bgn 1T1R Wireless Adapter USB\VID_0586&PID_341A
802.11n Network Adapter USB\VID_0586&PID_341E
802.11n USB Wireless Card USB\VID_0586&PID_3421
802.11n USB Wireless LAN Card USB\VID_0586&PID_3425
802.11n Wireless LAN Card USB\VID_0586&PID_343E
802.11n Wireless USB Adapter USB\VID_05A6&PID_0101
802.11n Wireless USB Card USB\VID_06F8&PID_E036
802.11n/b/g Mini Wireless LAN USB2.0 Adapter USB\VID_0789&PID_0162
802.11n/b/g Wireless LAN USB2.0 Adapter USB\VID_0789&PID_0163
AC600 High Gain Dual Band Wireless USB Adapter USB\VID_0789&PID_0164
ALLWIN Wireless LAN Card -AWM52N-US USB\VID_0789&PID_0166
ALLWIN Wireless LAN Card –2870 USB\VID_0789&PID_0168
ALLWIN Wireless LAN Card –3071 USB\VID_0789&PID_0169
ALLWIN Wireless LAN Card –3072 USB\VID_0789&PID_016B
ALLWIN Wireless LAN Card –3572 USB\VID_0789&PID_0170
ALLWIN Wireless LAN Card –AWU51N-W USB\VID_07AA&PID_003C
ASUS 802.11n Network Adapter USB\VID_07AA&PID_003F
ASUS USB-AC50 USB Wireless adapter USB\VID_07AA&PID_0041
ASUS USB-AC51 USB Wireless adapter USB\VID_07AA&PID_0042
ASUS USB-AC54 USB Wireless adapter USB\VID_07B8&PID_2770
ASUS USB-AC55 USB Wireless adapter USB\VID_07B8&PID_2870
ASUS USB-N10 150Mbps 11n Wireless USB dongle USB\VID_07B8&PID_3070
ASUS USB-N10H 150Mbps 11n Wireless USB dongle USB\VID_07B8&PID_3071
ASUS USB-N14 802.11n Wireless USB Adapter USB\VID_07B8&PID_3072
ASUS USB-N53 802.11a/b/g/n Network Adapter USB\VID_07B8&PID_3073
ASUS USB-N53 USB Wireless adapter USB\VID_07B8&PID_3074
ASUS USB-N66 450Mbps Dual Band USB Adapter USB\VID_07B8&PID_7610
ASUS USB-N66 Dual Band N Network Adapter USB\VID_07D1&PID_3C09
Adaptador USB Inalámbrico Movistar USB\VID_07D1&PID_3C0A