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‘Deadly’ MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC Mainboard Review

Despite the fact that Intel Z97 chipset appeared in the market long ago, mainboards on this platform have not lost their vitality till nowadays. The MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC is an acknowledgement of this. Being a representative of top-tier segment, this product is supposed to be an ideal match for gamers and enthusiast overclockers who look for stability and unbelievable facilities. Let’s see what kind of benefits this model can offer to the army of sophisticated users.

Stepwise Overview

The full-format ATX MSI Z97 Gaming 9 AC motherboard is based on Intel Z97 chipset that supports Intel Core Haswell/Haswell Refresh CPUs with LGA1150 socket. Wisely-elaborated printed circuit board (PCB) accommodates four DIMM slots for DDR3 modules of 32 GB overall capacity (with XMP profiles). The integration of expansion and graphics cards becomes possible due to three PCI Express 3.0 x16 slots & the same amount of PCI Express 2.0 x1 slots. If equipped with two videocards, the board …

The Launch of AMD Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming WiFi Motherboards for Mini PCs Is Forthcoming

The AMD Co. is going to broaden the range of system boards for AMD Ryzen processors with a brand-new AB350N-Gaming WiFi model. The specialty will be of a compact Mini-ITX form factor to be utilized with mini PCs.

The card layout view supplies a description, according to which AB350N-Gaming WiFi will feature two slots for DDR4 RAM modules, alongside with several PCI Express slots – most likely, one PCI Express x16 and one PCI Express x1. As we can see, the packaging around the CPU socket will be rather tight.

Among other specifications one can highlight a high-quality audio subsystem, based on the Realtek ALC 1220 codec, a USB 3.1 Type-C port, a Gigabit Ethernet adapter, two BIOS chips and RGB lighting. And finally, yet importantly, the supply set contains a wireless connectivity module, which is clear from the name of the product.

Alas, there is no information about Gigabyte AB350N-Gaming WiFi cost and the release date.

SilverStone Supplements Its Production Line with SG05-Lite PC Case

SilverStone Technology, a Taiwanese designer of high-performance cooling systems and steel/aluminum chassis, is going to supplement its production line with a new PC case SG05-Lite that joined SilverStone Sugo series. An official release is scheduled for early May and the manufacturer has already unveiled the recommended price for the product: about €33. The case is developed in mini-ITX form-factor and features 276x222x176 mm dimensions.

PC case SG05-Lite is made of stainless steel but for the frontal panel that is made of plastic. The model will be available in two color variations (totally black and totally white) and will be beneficial for the assembling of high-efficiency but small-sized systems. Similar to other compact chassis, new case from SilverStone is thought to support motherboards of micro-ATX and mini-ITX standard. In addition, there are two expansion slots for the integration of PCI Express cards, a single bay for the integration of 3.5-inch drive, a single …

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"hp officejet 9100 series" vir Windows 8, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP x64,

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Bestuurder naam "hp officejet 9100 series"
Lêer naam 232067_PS_AIO_05_C4600_NonNet_Full_Win_WW_140_404-4.exe
Maak Hewlett-Packard
Type apparaat USB
Grootte 137 Mb
Driver weergawe
Driver Date 2012-08-13
Bedryfstelsel Windows 8, Windows 7 x64, Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista
Upload 2016-10-28
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hp laserjet m5035 mfp USB\VID_03F0&PID_6717
officejet 4105 (dot4print) USB\VID_03F0&PID_0217&REV_0100
HP Photosmart C5300 series USB\VID_03F0&PID_8217
hp photosmart c3100 series USB\VID_03F0&PID_8017
hp officejet g85 DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_5C11&REV_0100&MI_02&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp psc 1100 series DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_5A11&REV_0100&MI_02&PRINT_HPZ
hp photosmart a310 series USB\VID_03F0&PID_7D17
hp laserjet m5039 mfp USB\VID_03F0&PID_BD02&MI_01
HP Color LaserJet 2840 USB\VID_03F0&PID_2A17
deskjet k209a-z (dot4print) DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_C402&REV_0100&MI_01&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color LaserJet 3500 DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_5911&MI_02
hp color laserjet cm3530 mfp DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_8D11&MI_02
hp photosmart 470 series (dot4print) USB\VID_03F0&PID_6617
"hp laserjet m4559 mfp" USB\VID_03F0&PID_0D12
"hp photosmart a310 series" USB\VID_03F0&PID_1C17
hp laserjet 1010 DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_2A12&REV_0100&MI_02
"hp officejet 100 mobile l411" DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_5511&MI_02
hp photosmart d7500 series DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_7311&MI_02&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet cp3505 USB\VID_03F0&PID_2311&REV_0100
hp color laserjet cm4549 mfp DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_5A11&MI_02
"hp photosmart c309a series" USB\VID_03F0&PID_5011&MI_02
hp officejet 4500 g510a-f DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_1A02&MI_01&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
Photosmart C3100 (DOT4PRINT) USB\VID_03F0&PID_2902&MI_01
photosmart 1600 (dot4print) DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_4911&MI_02
photosmart b109a-m (dot4print) DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_4F11&MI_02
HP DeskJet 450 series DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_3412&MI_02&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
"hp laserjet m4555 mfp" USB\VID_03F0&PID_D102&MI_01
hp photosmart d7300 series DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_4211&MI_02
hp officejet k60 USB\VID_03F0&PID_9717
Deskjet F300 (DOT4PRINT) USB\VID_0XF0&PID_0711
"hp photosmart 230 series" USB\VID_03F0&PID_6217
officejet pro k5300 (dot4print) USB\VID_03F0&PID_7804&MI_01
"hp laserjet 3300" USB\VID_03F0&PID_7311&MI_02
hp laserjet 5200 DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_6811&MI_01&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp deskjet d4200 series DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_2C12&REV_0100&MI_02
photosmart 7960 (dot4print) DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_BD02&REV_0200&MI_01
hp officejet 6200 series DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_7211&MI_02&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp officejet v45 DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_8804&MI_01
Officejet Pro L7400 (Dot4PRINT) DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_C802&REV_0200&MI_01
hp psc 1310 series DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_2812&REV_0100&MI_01
"hp officejet 7100" DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_5111&MI_02
HP Photosmart 3300 series USB\VID_03F0&PID_3912&MI_02
hp deskjet d4200 series(dot4print) USB\VID_03F0&PID_2012&MI_01
hp officejet pro 8000 a809 DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_5811&MI_02&PRINT_HPZ
"hp photosmart 7960 series" USB\VID_03F0&PID_A217
hp officejet 4400 k410 DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_1D02&REV_0100&MI_01&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
"hp laserjet 1200" USB\VID_03F0&PID_3B11&MI_02
"hp deskjet d2600" USB\VID_03F0&PID_2811&MI_02
hp photosmart a440 series USB\VID_0XF0&PID_1611
hp deskjet f4200 series DOT4PRT\VID_03F0&PID_5D11&MI_02&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ