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Gigabyte Outs a Pair of GT 710 Graphics Cards

Gigabyte has just announced the release of two entry-level graphics cards (with 1 GB or 2 GB DDR3) based on Nvidia’s GeForce GT 710 adapter. The company’s elaboration boasts the implementation of Ultra Durable 2 design that combines top-quality hardware base, reliability and high performance. The card comprises an improved PCB with the best-in-class solid-state capacitors, transistors as well as ferrite chokes.

Despite low-profile orientation, Gigabyte GeForce GT 710 employs active cooling system. The latter consists of a small-sized heatsink and a fan. In terms of efficiency, the company decided to preserve etalon showings; hence, the GPU (GK208, Kepler architecture, 192 CUDA cores) operates at 954 MHz frequency. Yet, the models come equipped with an overclocked memory: 900 MHz/1800 MHz (base/dynamic) frequency.

The kit of external interfaces includes three video ports: D-Sub, DVI-D & HDMI. Moreover, the nominal delivery set contains OC Guru II software package. It …

ASRock Introduces Its Upgraded DeskMini PCs

The ASRock Co. has brought to the CES 2017 event its upgraded RX and GTX lines DeskMini PCs.

Details are obscure; however, general info is available. It is known, for example, that the dimensions of these devices are 210 х 137.5 х 81.9 mm. The motherboards utilized are of Mini-STX form factor, and the supposed CPUs are of the Kaby Lake generation.

The highest RAM capacity of these models equals to 32 GB; and there’s a possibility to embed drives due to the 2 SATA connectors and 3 M.2 slots. Such ports as USB 3.0 (x3), USB 2.0 (x2), HDMI (x2), DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, Thunderbolt 3 and Gigabit Ethernet deliver extra convenience.

These novelties can be equipped with either GeForce GTX 1060 or Radeon RX 460, RX 470, RX 480 (MXM) graphics cards. At the same time, the TDP rate should not exceed 120 W.

Therefore, we can assume that ASRock will produce fully gaming and rather effective VR compatible compact PCs.

Silicon Power Armor A75 Is an Ultrathin Portable Metal HDD of a Kind

The product range of Silicon Power has been broadened by a shockproof external storage device, called Armor A75. The novelty, weighing 169 g, has the following dimensions: 124.4 х 82 х 12.2 mm, so it can be rightfully named “the thinnest device of a kind”.

Its trendy rugged ridges reinforce the construction and provide extra protection against shocks and scratches. The manufacturer assures the HDD can endure fall from the 1.22 m height without drastic consequences. The product resistance is ensured by the pure aluminium framework. Silicon Power applied the lightweight aluminium with effective heat dissipation to make Armor A75 the slimmest drive for data storing.

Inside the specialty houses the 2.5-inch HDD of 1 (or 2) TB capacity. It is also supplied with a USB 3.1 interface and a 3-year warranty. Below the vendor’s logo on the front one can easily find the L-shaped LED light, indicating the status of the device.

die Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller Bestuurder Aflaai

Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller vir Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64, ,

Gratis aflaai
Bestuurder naam Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller
Lêer naam 238777_0qla04ww.exe
Maak Atheros
Type apparaat NET
Grootte 5.33 Mb
Driver weergawe
Driver Date 2012-03-02
Bedryfstelsel Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64, , Windows Vista
Upload 2016-11-26
Gratis aflaai

Aflaai gratis bestuurder vir Atheros AR8132 PCI-E Fast Ethernet Controller Windows XP x64, Windows Vista x64, , Windows Vista

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