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SilverStone Comes up with Grandia GD10 HTPC Case

All devotees of full-scale systems might now revel in an opportunity to ‘locate’ ATX-motherboards into a small-sized elegant enclosure. SilverStone is glad to introduce a new HTPC case with horizontal orientation – the Grandia GD10. It is predestined not only for CEB and micro-ATX boards, but also for standard ATX models with the maximum of 8 expansion slots; that should become a major advantage of the new-comer.

SilverStone Grandia GD10 features 442x171x362 mm dimensions and draws attention by a stylish, compact design. The layout allows for creating diverse system configurations with multiple unique elements. Therein, the case accommodates a single slot for 5.25-inch drives that might be converted, if necessary, into a bay for a single 3.5-inch drive or two 2.5-inch drives. Additionally, there are two separate 3.5-inch bays and one 2.5-inch bay for hard drives.

Internal spacing is estimated for the graphics cards with the ultimate length of 309.88 mm and for the …

Intel to Officially Unveil a Flagship Motherboard DZ87KLT-75K

Several days are left till the official introduction of a new flagship motherboard from Intel, known as DZ87KLT-75K (Kinsley). The board is based on an overclocking Z87 Express chipset and employs 8-phase CPU power supply system. Memory subsystem is represented by four DIMM slots for DDR3 modules, while expansion facilities involve three PCIe 3.0 x16 slots, three PCIe 2.0 x1 slots, a single PCI and a single mini-PCI slot. Storage capacities accommodate eight SATA III 6 Gb/sec ports.

Overclockers, as well as experienced users, will receive an opportunity of utilizing Power and Reset buttons right from the printed circuit board. This model offers 7.1-channel sounding, based on a corresponding controller, eight USB 3.0 ports, FireWire port, optical S/PDIF, a pair of gigabit Ethernet ports to enable network options, a single mini-DisplayPort and one Thunderbolt port. Frontal interface panel is able to propose a couple of USB 3.0 ports, Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n modules. … …

Meeting Fresh Dual X Fan Series from Cougar

Cougar is proud to introduce a brand new fan series, entitled Dual X. The series comprises models of 120 mm and 140 mm dimensional type which are equipped with LED ribs. The users are able to select a fan, according to their color taste, since the manufacturer offers models with orange, green, blue or black ribs (the latter come without LED backlit). Dual X line is primarily targeting gamers and enthusiasts who search for new, unusual visual effects for their PC systems.

Cougar Dual X fans’ framework consists of nine solid two-layer ribs which ensure more efficient airflow, more intense air pressure, but at the same time, more silent operation. The ribs, elaborated in a claw-like shape, allow for the adjustment of the airflow and reduction of noise incited by the vorticity. The manufacturer employs in this series a fluid bearing instead of a slide bearing; this promoted for the increase of its working lifespan.

The implementation of resilient components into the …

die Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver Bestuurder Aflaai

Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver vir Windows XP

Install drivers automatically
Special offer. See more information about Outbyte and uninstall instructions. Please review Outbyte EULA and Privacy policy.
Bestuurder naam Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver
Lêer naam
Maak Microsoft
Type apparaat HIDCLASS
Grootte 161 Mb
Driver weergawe 5.1.2600.2825
Driver Date 2001-07-01
Bedryfstelsel Windows XP
Upload 2011-08-06
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Aflaai gratis bestuurder vir Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver Windows XP

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ALPS USB Keyboard *SNY5001
ALPS-Tastatur (USB) *SNY6001
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Altec Lansing HID-Audioregelung IRBUS\IRDEVICE
American Power Conversion USB UPS IRBUS\VID_03EE&PID_2501
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Anchor USB Mouse IRBUS\VID_03F3&PID_0094
Anchor-Maus (USB) IRBUS\VID_043E&PID_9803
BTC USB Keyboard IRBUS\VID_045E&PID_006D
BTC-Tastatur (USB) IRBUS\VID_045E&PID_00A0
CTX HID Monitor Controls IRBUS\VID_045E&PID_00DA
CTX HID-Monitorsteuerung IRBUS\VID_0471&PID_0608
Cherry GmbH USB Keyboard IRBUS\VID_0471&PID_0815
Cherry GmbH-Tastatur (USB) IRBUS\VID_04E8&PID_7061
Chicony USB Keyboard IRBUS\VID_051C&PID_C001
Chicony-Tastatur (USB) IRBUS\VID_051C&PID_C002
Cypress USB Mouse IRBUS\VID_0609&PID_031D
Cypress-Maus (USB) IRBUS\VID_0609&PID_0322
Dexin AQ-Maus (USB) IRBUS\VID_0768&PID_0023
Dexin USB AQ Mouse IRBUS\VID_0C16&PID_0080
EIZO HID Monitor Controls IRBUS\VID_0C16&PID_0081
EIZO HID-Monitorsteuerung IRBUS\VID_0FB8&PID_0002
ELO TouchSystems USB Touchscreen IRBUS\VID_1009&PID_000E
ELO TouchSystems-Touchscreen (USB) IRBUS\VID_1019&PID_0F38
Evolution Mouse-Trak von ITAC (USB) IRBUS\VID_107B&PID_3009
Evolution USB Mouse-Trak by ITAC IRBUS\VID_1308&PID_C001
FinePoint USB Digitizer IRBUS\VID_1460&PID_9150
FinePoint-Digitizer (USB) IRBUS\VID_147A&PID_E015
Focus USB Keyboard IRBUS\VID_147A&PID_E016
Focus-Tastatur (USB) IRBUS\VID_1509&PID_9242
Forward USB K/B IRBUS\VID_15B1&PID_8090
Forward USB K/B with PS/2 Mouse IRBUS\VID_1784&PID_0001
Forward-Tastatur (USB) IRBUS\VID_1784&PID_0002
Forward-Tastatur mit PS/2-Mausanschluss (USB) IRBUS\VID_179D&PID_0010
Fujitsu Japanese USB Composite Keyboard IRBUS\VID_179D&PID_0020
Fujitsu Japanese USB Keyboard Hot Buttons IRBUS\VID_17B8&PID_044C
Fujitsu USB Composite Keyboard IRBUS\VID_17B8&PID_04B0
Fujitsu USB Hot Buttons IRBUS\VID_17B8&PID_1100
Fujitsu-Schnelltasten (USB) IRBUS\VID_2040&PID_6310
Fujitsu-Verbundtastatur (USB) IRBUS\VID_413C&PID_8123
Genius Net Mouse Pro (USB) IRBUS\VID_413C&PID_8124
Genius USB Net Mouse Pro SONY_DMI_CALL
Genius USB Wheel Mouse USB\CLASS_03
Genius Wheel Mouse (USB) USB\CLASS_03&SUBCLASS_01