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Intel Intros 525 SSD Series for High-Performance Systems

Intel replenishes its SSD product line with 525 series that is distinguished by utmost facilities and power-saving properties. Intel 525 embraces six models of 30GB, 60GB, 90GB, 120GB, 180GB, and 240GB capacity that are predestined to be employed in high-performance systems. Due to compact dimensions (3.7x50.8x29.85 mm), these solid-state drives are appropriate for handheld small-sized devices, such as ultrabooks, tablets, all-in-one solutions, and embedded systems. According to Intel's developers, the models are eight times smaller in size than traditional HDDs of 2.5-inch form-factor.

Intel 525 are known to employ mSATA interface with PCI Express mini-slot. All models are based on a multi-level NAND flash-memory developed under 25 nm technology. The drives support 128-bit encryption technology that takes Advanced Encryption Standard as the background; this standard functions as an additional data security means in case of loss or theft.

To continue, new SSD series from …

Corsair Introduces a Spacious 'Godzilla' PC Case

Corsair, known for its multifarious PC hardware products line, has introduced its new chassis with a promising name Obsidian 900D Godzilla. The attribute 'Godzilla' speaks for itself: the case features truly voluminous dimensions of 655x694x251 mm. Its weight is also impressive and its internal layout is ready to welcome the whole galaxy of motherboards of different form-factor, including ATX, XL-ATX, E-ATX, HP-ATX.

Obsidian 900D Godzilla goes in black coloring and one of its side panels is equipped with a transparent acrylic window that uncovers some internal components. Such impressive dimensions offer free spacing for the integration of fifteen (!) 3.5-inch (or 2.5-inch) drives, ten PCI expansions cards, and four bays for the drives of 5.25-inch dimensional type. The input/output interface panel is represented by 3.5 mm audio connectors, a pair of USB 2.0 ports and four USB 3.0 ports.

It should be stated that this PC case is delivered with a pre-installed water-cooling …

Graphics Card MSI N650 Ti PE 1GD5/OC Review

PC hardware of average price category is traditionally in demand with a wide range of customers. Graphics cards are not exception, especially if the manufacturers offer truly outstanding facilities for comparatively medium price. The launch of GeForce GTX 650 Ti adapter raised an army of graphics solutions based on it; still, each company tries to deviate in some terms from the reference model. Thus, MSI introduced N650 Ti Power Edition 1GD5/OC model which takes GTX 650 Ti adapter as the basis, but employs fundamentally original printed circuit board and cooling system.


Graphics card MSI N650 Ti PE 1GD5/OC features all attributes ascribed to Power Edition series. Printed circuit board has been elongated to 230 mm, as compared to the 154 mm in reference GeForce GTX 650 models. Along with the PCB elongation, MSI implemented a reinforced 5-phase VRM scheme (4+1) that is intended at operational intensification on heightened frequencies. The connection of additional …

die hp color laserjet 9500 (dot4prt) Bestuurder Aflaai

Gratis aflaai
Bestuurder naam hp color laserjet 9500 (dot4prt)
Lêer naam 420081_DRV-CDB-ell_NB.exe
Maak Hewlett-Packard
Type apparaat DOT4PRINT
Grootte 71.8 Mb
Driver weergawe
Driver Date 2005-02-23
Upload 2018-02-16
Gratis aflaai

Aflaai gratis bestuurder vir hp color laserjet 9500 (dot4prt) Windows 10

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dot4 mass storage class bridge for ios DOT4BRIDGE\DISK_HPZ12
hp color laserjet 2550 series DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_CO223F&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
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hp color laserjet 2550 series (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_CO56CE&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 2550 series (dot4usb) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_CO56CE&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 3500 DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_CO650A&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 3500 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_CO650A&PRINT_HPZ
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hp color laserjet 3550 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_CO723C&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 3550 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COAA3F&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 3550 (dot4usb) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COAA3F&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 3700 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COB29D&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 3700 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COBF85&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 4650 DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COBF85&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 4650 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COC8EB&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 4650 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COC8EB&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 4700 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COF1B4&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 4700 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COF1B4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 4700 (dot4usb) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_COFA3C&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 5500 DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA0636&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 5500 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA0636&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 5500 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA0CA5&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 5550 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA0CA5&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 5550 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA0E45&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 5550 (dot4usb) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA0E45&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 9500 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA1404&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 9500 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA1404&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 9500 mfp (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA1797&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 9500 mfp (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA1797&PRINT_HPZ
hp color laserjet 9500 mfp (dot4usb) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA17C4&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp deskjet 450 (dot4store) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA17C4&PRINT_HPZ
hp deskjet 6600 series (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA1AE6&PRINT_HPZ
hp deskjet 6600 series (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA3305&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp deskjet 6600 series (dot4usb) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA3305&PRINT_HPZ
hp deskjet 6800 series (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA3EB2&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp deskjet 6800 series (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA3EB2&PRINT_HPZ
hp deskjet 6800 series (dot4usb) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA4AE5&PRINT_HPZ
hp laserjet 1010 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA5304&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp laserjet 1010 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA5304&PRINT_HPZ
hp laserjet 1012 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA5CA5&PRINT_HPZ
hp laserjet 1012 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA6D84&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ
hp laserjet 1015 (dot4) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA7E8A&PRINT_HPZ
hp laserjet 1015 (dot4prt) DOT4\HEWLETT-PACKARDHP_LA8003&DOT4&PRINT_HPZ