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Promise Increases Volume Capacity of External Drive Pegasus R6

Promise Technology, a global provider of storage solutions, has renewed its Pegasus R6 external drive with Thunderbolt interface adding more volume. The changes were made in the capacity of the drive which was augmented to 18 TB, following the previous models with 12TB. Such augmentation became possible due to the support of 3TB drives. According to the Promise, the renewed device will be of benefit to those consumers who work with video editing and huge files.

Pegasus R6 is characterized by high performance that will be sufficient for the management of several streams of uncompressed video. Thus, this external drive is able to develop the speed of data transfer up to 900 Mb/sec. Such showings prove that Thunderbolt interface surpasses all other up-dated interfaces (USB 3.0, FireWire, etc.) in speed terms.

To continue, the launch of a model with 18 TB volume capacity resulted in the price cuts for the models with 12 TB capacities. Under the latest data voiced by the …

Overview of the ASRock Fatal1ty Z270 Gaming K4 Motherboard

ASRock continues to improve its devices, and now, with the release of a new series of chipsets from Intel, its specialists demonstrated an updated line of «gaming» motherboards, which is easier to distinguish among the rest of the products due to the Fatal1ty prefix introduced in the name.

The use of Z270 means the product is ready for overclocking, and massive radiators in the power scheme strengthen this image. The sound is based on the older codec from Realtek and supplemented with a functional utility from Creative. Surprisingly, the network adapter used is not produced by Killer, which has already become a habit for a number of similar boards, here the Intel's proven solution is installed.

Also, the user will have three M.2 sockets at one’s disposal. There are no more bonuses, because this model is the simplest one in the series. The backlight system was seriously modified, this was reflected in its name, now the phrase AURA RGB LED is used, actually cloning one of …

Meet New Series of 120-/140-mm SilentWings 3 Fans from Be Quiet!

Be Quiet! announces the upcoming release of a new series of fans, entitled SilentWings 3. The lineup will consist of 4x 120-mm & 4x 140-mm items. All greenhorns are based on fluid dynamic bearing, estimated for 300.000 hours of foolproof operation. The fans employ either 3-pin or 4-pin power connectors and might run at 12V voltage index.

Be Quiet! SilentWings 3 items have a dual purpose: they can be used as system fans and as a part of CPU cooling. The 3-pin models come equipped with an adapter for the reduction of voltage from 12V to 7-5V; due to this, their noise level dwindles down to the minimal level. In contrast, the 4-pin solutions support PWM technology.

All models are fitted with a 3-phase 6-polar motor which ensures low power consumption & inconsiderable vibrations. A unique shape of blades allows for the enhancing of airflow volume; at the same time, the incorporation of a slash frame promotes for the increase of the static pressure. Moreover, new mounts help in …

die hp color laserjet 2830 series (dot4usb) Bestuurder Aflaai

Gratis aflaai
Bestuurder naam hp color laserjet 2830 series (dot4usb)
Lêer naam 439944_lj3050x-309x-PCL6-pnp-win-hu.exe
Maak Hewlett-Packard
Type apparaat USB
Grootte 33.9 Mb
Driver weergawe
Driver Date 2007-03-01
Upload 2018-02-17
Gratis aflaai

Aflaai gratis bestuurder vir hp color laserjet 2830 series (dot4usb) Windows 10

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