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Spire Launches Ridge 6601 and Ridge 6602 PC Chassis

Spire has officially launched a new line of budgetary PC chassis, codenamed Spire Ridge. At the moment, there are only two models within the series – the Ridge 6601 and the Ridge 6602. Both are characterized by the support for ATX motherboards and have many other identical specifications: i.e. mid-tower form-factor, 192x415x418 mm dimensions. Still, there are some differentiations as well.

The first distinction between the two models lies in the frontal panel design. Therefore, Ridge 6601 features a laconic panel made of plastic without additional ventilation. In its turn, Ridge 6602 features a half-perforated metallic frontal panel that allows for a more intense cooling of internal components.

The couple boasts identical expansion facilities with two 5.25-inch buckets for optical drives, four 3.5-inch buckets for HDD/SSD, and seven expansion slots. Connectivity options are introduced by a set of frontal interfaces, including two audio slots, one USB 2.0, and one USB …

Dual Invasion: Silentmaxx & SilverStone Show Off with New PC Cases

Silentmaxx, a well-known German developer of PC hardware components, comes out into the market with a new mid-tower case, entitled ST-360. It features 450x195x431mm dimensions and boasts a strict classic design. The chassis is made of SECC steel and ABS plastic. It is intended for the installation of mini-ITX, micro-ATX and full-format ATX motherboards.

Furthermore, Silentmaxx ST-360 is ready to accommodate four 5.25-inch drives and analogous number of 3.5-inch drives. Similar to the majority of full-tower cases, this model offers seven expansion slots for the installation of graphics adapters and expansion cards. The integrated top I/O panel houses two 3.5- mm mini-jacks as well as USB ports (2.0/3.0 versions). Airflow is organized by means of two fans: 140-mm frontal fan & 120-mm rear one.

To continue, one more renowned hardware manufacturer – SilverStone – has just introduced its nontrivial PC chassis – a modernized version of Milo ML06, the Milo ML06-E …

SilverStone Debuts with SX700-LPT Power Supply Unit

SilverStone is readying to launch a powerful 700-watt PSU, entitled SX700-LPT. The new-comer boasts 80Plus Platinum certificate, since its efficiency level might reach 94%. The model is developed in SFX-L form-factor and supports Intel ATX 12V 2.4 standard. SilverStone has already listed the unit on its official site; thus, customers might expect the market launch in the nearest future.

SilverStone SX700-LPT employs a single +12V rail with the maximal output capability of 58.4 A. This power supply unit is able to operate within 90-264 V range at the peak power index of 750 W. If there is a need, it’s possible to use the entire power stock via +12V bus, rather than distributing it via +3.3 V or +5 V rails.

The model comes with a modular cable system. The inventory includes connectors for the connection of 9 SATA devices as well as 4 videocards with an additional 6+2-pin PCI-e connector. The unit is fitted with all necessary protection mechanisms, entailing SCP, OPP, OPT, …

Human Interface Devices, die lys van vervaardigers

Op hierdie bladsy kan jy die lys van vervaardigers Human Interface Devices bestuurders wat jy kan aflaai op ons webwerf. Vir die beste soek vir'n geskikte bestuurder van 269613 beskikbaar in ons databasis, kies die vervaardiger van jou Human Interface Devices van 75 aangebied in hierdie afdeling.

DevID : : Human Interface Devices

Insette toestelle – gereedskap vir die invoeging van alle vorme van inligting in die rekenaar. Hulle vorm die hardeware koppelvlak tussen die bedryfstelsel en die toestel, dikwels verbind deur middel van die bus USB. Afhangende van die tipe insette data al die gereedskap is verdeel in 4 tipes: demonstratiewe, grafiese, klank en spel.

Vir die wys insette toestelle sluit sleutelbord, muis, ball, touchpad, lig pen en joystick. Al wat hulle stuur sekere seine, waardeur die rekenaar voer die bepaalde optrede. Om te erken die seine stelsel help bestuurders vir USB insette toestelle. Hierdie kategorie sluit ook touch screen vir kommunikasie met die REKENAAR gebruik die aanraking van jou vingers.

Deur die manier wyser beheer gereedskap is verdeel in direkte uitvoer insette direk in die plek van die sigbaarheid van die wyser, en indirekte, diegene wat sonder'n sigbare wyser.

Grafiese insette toestelle sluit in'n video-opname kaart, skandeerder, webcam en digitale kamera. Om insette klank inligting gebruik mikrofone en digitale stem opnemers. 'n ander tipe van die insette toestel is'n spel randapparatuur: joysticks, hefbome beweging simulators, game pads, stuur wiele, pedale en dans platform.

Al die bogenoemde gereedskap gewoonlik koppel aan jou REKENAAR/laptop via die hoë spoed koppelvlak USB. Vir hul stabiele prestasie en fine-tuning dit word aanbeveel om af te laai die bestuurders vir USB insette toestelle.


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