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Abee Launches One More Case for Mini-ITX Motherboards

Abee, a designer and supplier of high-end PC chassis, supplements its product line with one more PC case series intended specifically for mini-ITX motherboards. Codenamed Acubic C10R, the series counts five models of different coloring: casual white, black, silver, and eye-catching blue and red. All models feature futuristic cubic design with rather compact dimensions of 239x229x229 mm.

Acubic C10R is characterized by a strict design combined with elegance and grace. Its frontal panel houses a couple of USB 3.0 sockets, Power button, audio slots (for headphones and a microphone), and LED indicators for Power button and HDD activity. The panel itself is covered by a transparent acryl.

Despite its compact dimensions, this case is ready to accommodate expansion PCI Express and graphics cards of up to 190 mm in length. The maximal height of CPU cooling system should not exceed the top 55 mm; this will be quite sufficient for the integration of low-noise and low-profile coolers. Still, there are no specific limitations as for the PSU form-factor, so customers are able to integrate models of a standard ATX format within the case.

Internal spacing is also sufficient for the installation of a full-size optical drive and a couple of bays for 3.5/2.5-inch drives. This case is equipped with an active cooling system that consists of a pre-installed 120 mm fan (blow-in operation). Besides, the rear panel offers two bays for the installation of two 60 mm fans that are absent in the nominal delivery.

Acubic C10R can already be found in a Japanese market for the recommended price of $320. The manufacturer is going to expand its sales to other global markets in the short run.
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  • 27 December 2012, 19:36
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