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Corsair Launches a New 80Plus Gold Series of PSUs

Corsair is to start selling its newest series of power supply units, entitled Corsair CS. The series embraces four models of 450W, 550W, 650W, and 750W power, which feature some outstanding 92% efficiency. Small wonder that such models have already won 80Plus Gold certificates that verify their high-end membership. All the units correspond to the ATX specifications and support the latest Intel’s and AMD’s platforms. Besides, CS series is differentiated by a power-saving design combined with a tolerant price.

Corsair CS units are equipped with a semi-modular cable system. Main 24-contact ATX power and 8-contact EPS motherboard cables have got a static fixture, whereas flat modular cables come in the delivery set and are predestined to power HDD/SSD, graphics cards, fans, etc. Cooling is provided by 120 mm fan, based on a slide bearing; it runs at low speeds on standard loads, producing little noise during routine tasks. Its estimated MTBF equals to 150.000 hours.

All four models are available from authorized distributors and are backed with 3-year’s limited warranty. The units support all advanced security options, including OV, UV, OP, SC, and OT. The price range varies from the minimal $89.00 for the junior 450W model and up to the maximal $119.99 for the senior 750W model. Despite practically identical layout, these PSUs are differentiated by the suit of cables:

Corsair CS450W features 1x ATX, 1x EPS, 1x PCI Express, 4x SATA, 3x MOLEX, and 1x Floppy cables;
Corsair CS550W features 1x ATX, 1x EPS, 4x PCI Express, 6x SATA, 4x MOLEX, and 1x Floppy cables;
Corsair CS650W features 1x ATX, 1x EPS, 4x PCI Express, 6x SATA, 4x MOLEX, and 1x Floppy cables;
Corsair CS750W features 1x ATX, 1x EPS, 4x PCI Express, 8x SATA, 7x MOLEX, and 2x Floppy cables.
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  • 12 November 2013, 12:57
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