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EKWB Launches a New Water Block for GV-N680SO-2GD

Early August of 2012 was marked for Gigabyte by the release of its one more graphics card, codenamed GeForce GTX 680 SOC (GV-N680SO-2GD). This card can boast the availability of high factory frequencies and quite mighty cooling system. The nominal frequencies have been heightened to 1137MHz, 1202MHz, and 6200MHz for memory. Such outstanding characteristics required the integration of a high-quality and high-performance cooling system which consisted of five(!) fans. This made the card rather voluminous, cumbersome and noisy. That was when EKWB decided to design a dedicated water block to be employed with this remarkable graphics adapter.

Water block EK-FC 680 GTX SOC is housed on a copper base, good-quality acetal cover, and rubber shims as a compressor. The model is delivered with pre-installed fixing stands to facilitate the installation. It should be noted that this water block entirely covers the frontal part of the graphics card, along with the adjacent RAM modules and voltage control modules. This is called to positively affect the overclocking process.

In accordance with the EKWB's idea, water current within EK-FC 680 GTX SOC is organized in a way to ensure efficient cooling down even on conditions of cooperation with low-power water pumps. This model might be employed in combination with three other analogous blocks or with EK-FC 680 GTX+/EK-FC 680 GTX FTW ones. Such technological solution becomes possible thanks to the EK-FC Bridge & Link system.

Therefore, the users will receive a triple benefit: effective cooling, space economy, and practically noiseless operation. The average recommended price per unit is established at €104,95 mark.
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  • 17 December 2012, 17:02
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