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‘Extraordinary’ Design of Flash Drive Kingmax UI-05

The market of flash drives is full of offers from multiple designers, however Kingmax company surpassed all competitors by introducing an ‘extraordinary’ product. This singularity basically consists in a drive’s design: the part of the casing is transparent, and this enables the user to watch over the work of an internal flash-memory chip through the glass window. No other company dared for such an experiment so far and the drive is supposed to become a real hit in the market.

Kingmax UI-05 has got a metallic streamline casing which serves a solid shield for the memory chip and other electronics. The transparent glass window is lighted up by the blue LED that indicates the drive’s operational mode. The flash drive has USB 3.0 socket and is based on the Chip-on-Board technology where the memory chip is fixed directly at the circuit board. It goes in 4, 8, 16, and 32 GB volume capacity to satisfy the needs of any customer.

Kindmax UI-05 developers stressed out that great attention had been given to the certification of the transparent drive. According to the words of the company’s representatives, this flash drive complies with all major CE, BSMI, RoHS, and FCC requirements. Such certification awareness might witness about the standards of quality Kingmax sticks to. The new product has been tested by the dedicated control system which proved the product’s efficiency. Besides, each customer will receive an authorized warranty along with the global client servicing voucher to ensure that any issue is resolved in a matter of minutes.

Unfortunately, it’s not clear so far when the product will go to sales and what the price will be set for it. Kingmax hasn’t provided the potential customers with this information, leaving space for anticipation.
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  • 14 June 2012, 12:25
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