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Fractal Design Outs Core 2500 Enclosure

Fractal Design, a highly-acclaimed Swedish hardware manufacturer, announces the launch of mid-tower Core 2500 PC enclosure. The new-comer is ready to offer a unique combination of an austere design, an efficient cooling, a marvelous functionality, and an affordable price. The model is already on sale for the recommended by the manufacturer price tag of $59.90.

Fractal Design Core 2500 features totally black interior and exterior. Aluminum frontal panel is differentiated by a 3D grain-oriented coating. The enclosure is ready to welcome motherboards of ATX standard, as well as CPU coolers as high as 162 mm and graphics cards as long as 380 mm. Frontal and bottom perforated sites have got dust filters that prevent litter from shrinking into the components.

Besides, the internal layout of the case offers two vacant places for the installation of 5.25-inch drives, eight places for 3.5/2.5-inch drives (SSD/HDD), and seven PCI slots for expansion cards. It should be noted that all drive bays feature vibration dampening coating. The top panel accommodates USB and audio ports. Cable management stipulates the availability of 13.5 mm free space over the motherboard tray and 18.5 mm space hard at hand.

To continue, this enclosure comes with a pre-installed rear 120 mm fan – Silent Series R2. In addition to it, the user is free to enhance cooling with six more fans and a pair of 240 mm heatsinks of the liquid-cooling systems. The work of system fans is supervised by an integrated controller that offers three speed limits.
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  • 27 May 2014, 13:43
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