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GeIL Introduces Memory Module Series Evo Leggera

GeIL has lately introduced a new series of memory modules, codenamed Evo Leggera. According to the words of the manufacturers, this series is ready to demonstrate the utmost performance in combination with the low-profile VELOCE radiators which cannot stop the users from installing huge CPU coolers. Evo Leggera represents an optimal solution and improved functionality in one product. The series includes modules of 1333 MHz to 2800 MHz frequencies compiled in two- and four-channel kits.

Evo Leggera is equipped with advanced low-profile heat dispensers 'Leggera' developed with the implementation of Maximum Thermal Conduction and Dissipation technology. This technology ensures efficient cooling activity with the standard module heights. Memory modules Evo Leggera are compatible practically with all newest logics kits, involving Intel Z77 platform. This expands the versatility of the series.

To continue, it should be mentioned that all models in the series have undergone tough testing at high temperatures with the employment of DBT-1 technology. This technology presupposes that all memory modules are exposed to dynamic testing with the help of dedicated piece of software. Its main target is to improve the properties of modules and facilitate their durability in different conditions. DBT-1 allows increasing the temperature up to 100 degrees in order to test the modules; in its turn, this test promotes for the exclusion of possibilities ascribed to the premature malfunction of modules.
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  • 07 September 2012, 13:12
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