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Greeting Asus ROG Ares III Graphics Card with Double GPU Performance

Republic of Gamers devotees have been pleased with yet another addition to Ares series of graphics cards – the Asus ROG Ares III. It is a new powerful model based on two AMD Radeon R9 290X (Hawaii XT) GPUs, each of which cooperates with 4 GB of GDDR5 memory. At its core, this is a modified version of AMD Radeon R9 295X2 videocard, although with some perceptible changes. Potential customers will receive AMD Radeon Gold Reward warrant and a flash-memory card (8 GB) as an additional bonus. It’s worth of acquiring, isn’t it?

Asus ROG Ares III operates at heightened clock frequencies – 1030 MHz – if compared with Radeon R9 295X2 model that runs at 1018 MHz. Each memory module with 512-bit interface runs at 1250 MHz (nominal) frequency, but is able to accelerate up to 5.0 GHz (effective) index. The new-comer employs 16-phase power supply subsystem (Asus Digi+ VRM) that accommodates high-quality components Asus Super Alloy Power, i.e. Japanese solid-state capacitors from Black Metallic series.

Cooling of all key components is relied on EK Water Blocks liquid-cooling system. The latter features G1/4 fittings which add to the card’s compatibility with the majority of available liquid coolers. Besides, the integrated cooler takes only one slot for expansion cards on the motherboard. Connectivity is realized due to three different video ports: DisplayPort, HDMI and DVI-D.

Testing results prove Ares III to be more efficient in various gaming benchmarks than GeForce GTX Titan Z from Nvidia. Hence, in such benchmarks as 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme and Battlefield 4 it exceeds the rival by 15% and 33% respectively. Just to promote for a better performance in various applications, Asus ensures the support for DirectX 11.2 and OpenGL standards, as well as for ZeroCore, PowerTune, Mantle, CrossFire, Eyefinity, TrueAudio technologies from AMD.

In order to whet appetite towards the release, Asus decided to limit the number of available for sale cards. Therefore, the series will count only 500 items, each with a unique codename.
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  • 08 September 2014, 13:03
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