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Kingmax Introduces New mSATA SSDs for Small-Sized Devices

Kingmax, a global supplier of high-end storage solutions, yesterday introduced a new mSATA SSD, codenamed MMP30. The model features SATA 3 6 Gb/sec interface and is intended specifically for the integration into small-sized devices and embedded systems. Its outstanding specifications are called to improve general system performance, as well as provide for its power-saving characteristics. MMP30 is going to satisfy the needs of ultrabook, laptop, and other compact devices manufacturers, along with system integrators looking for stable performance.

SSD Kingmax MMP30 is based on high-speed LSI Sandforce controller that demonstrates truly striking speed showings. The drive is delivered in three capacity variants (32GB, 64GB and 128GB) which are characterized by quite compact dimensions (50.8x29.8x4.81 mm) and unbelievable weight (7g). All three SSDs comply with JEDEC MO-300D specifications and can be integrated into small-sized systems with the aim to improve data Read/Write speed, increase system/applications uploading time, and reduce power consumption.

To continue, gamers and enthusiasts will find Kingmax MMP30 a beneficial and cost-effective means for the performance improvement. In case the motherboard integrated in the system supports mSATA and Intel Smart Response Technology options, then this SSD might serve cache-memory means between the hard drive and system memory. This way, the customer will be saved from the necessity to acquire high-cost SSDs, since the combination of MMP30 with the available hard drive will ensure spacious capacity of traditional hard drives and high data transfer speeds pertained to SSD solutions.

Speed showings differ a bit from model to model; therefore, consecutive Read/Write speed claimed for MMP30 32GB model approximates 320MB/sec, for MMP30 64MB/sec – 320MB/sec and 520MB/sec correspondingly, and for MMP30 128GB model – 320MB/sec and 520MB/sec.

Finally, Kingmax has taken care of its new SSDs' correspondence to the major international standards: EU RoHS, R.O.C. BSMI, Bureau of Standards, and some others. Besides, the company delivers its drives with three years' limited warranty.
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  • 31 October 2012, 18:39
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