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Meet New PSU Tesla R2 from Fractal Design

Fractal Design is the company that distinguishes from its competitors by the incessant dedication towards each product's design and performance. Its recent power supply units lineup, Tesla R2, can be called a benchmark of style and refinement. Of course, the company did not forget about the PSU performance, implementing only the innovative technologies in its development. Tesla R2 series framework and configuration will initially serve the needs of high-end and high-demanding gaming PCs and workstations.

Tesla R2 series has got 80Plus certificate which implies that the product is highly efficient and can compete for the market winning. At the same time, it is characterized by low power consumption which is achieved due to the implemented technologies on heat production decrease. Tesla R2 is equipped with 135 mm fan based on Long Life bearing. It is distinguished by the low-speed rotation and, as a consequence, decreased noise level.

To continue, this PSU is compatible with the latest ATX12V 2.31 standards and novel models of graphics cards (support of CrossFire and SLI graphics technologies). Moreover, this unit owns high efficiency factor which approximates 88% in 230V networks, and has got a single +12V line. Tesla R2 is also furnished with a couple of PCI-E Power sockets, two Molex 4-pin, six SATA Power slots, and a cable with EPS12V (4+4)-pin socket.
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  • 20 July 2012, 13:17
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