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Meet Self-Purified D.F.Vegas Fans from Enermax

Enermax has enlarged its lineup of fans with D.F.Vegas series. The series consists of two models: the D.F.Vegas & the D.F.Vegas Duo. The key differentiation between the two solutions lies in the current intensity as well as LED backlights. The first new-comer is equipped with 12 blue diodes, while the second model houses 12 red and 12 green diodes.

Enermax D.F.Vegas fans boast the implementation of self-purification technology – Dust Free Rotation (DFR). During the first ten seconds of operation the fan rotates contrary clockwise and then returns to standard rotational mode. That is how dust and litter is removed from the blades. If there is a need in manual cleansing, the blades can be easily detached.

Both fans are designed on Twister Bearing with MTBF index of 160 thousand hours. The frame accommodates a single 4-pin connector which supports PWM technology. Hence, it’s possible to limit the maximal rotation speed by 1100/1300/1500 RPM by means of a dedicated 3-position switch.

Performance showings fluctuate, depending on the operational mode. Thus, Enermax D.F.Vegas features the following efficiency parameters:
— maximal rotation speed: Ultra Silent mode – 800-1100 RPM, Silent mode – 800-1300 RPM, Performance mode – 800-1500 RPM;
— airflow: Ultra Silent mode – 33.21-45.33 CFM, Silent mode – 33.21-53.66 CFM, Performance mode – 33.21-61.92 CFM;
— noise level: Ultra Silent mode – 16-18 dBA, Silent mode – 16-20 dBA, Performance mode – 16-22 dBA;
— current intensity: Ultra Silent mode – 0.15 A, Silent mode – 0.17 A, Performance mode – 0.20 A.

It should be noted that Enermax D.F.Vegas Duo shares the same parameters but for the current intensity. In Ultra Silent mode this index makes up 0.21 A, in Silent mode – 0.23 A and in Performance mode – 0.25 A.
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  • 13 September 2016, 15:18
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