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Meeting Four New PSU Series from LEPA

Ecomaster has recently expanded its production line by four new PSU series under LEPA brand name. Codenamed P, GM MaxGold, GM MaxBron and MX, this quadruple is targeting high-end, middle-end, and mainstream market segments. It is noteworthy that each of the series involves several models of various power and efficiency showings to meet the power supply requirements of diverse PC systems.


P series is attributed to the high-end market segment and consists of three high-capacity models: P1700-MA, P1375-MA and P1050-MA with 1700 W, 1375 W and 1050 W correspondingly. The triple features totally modular cable management system and identical cooling system, introduced by 135 mm low-noise fan on ball bearing. Super high efficiency level allowed all power supply units within the series to receive 80Plus Platinum certificate.


GM MaxGold series boasts 80Plus Gold certificate due to high power efficiency. The series includes five models that feature a combined type of cable management system: G1000-MB (1 kW power), G800-MB (800 W power), G700-MB (700 W power), G600-MB (600 W power), G500-MB (500 W power). One of their peculiarities is the availability of original rubber head pieces, called Anti3s Q-Brick, that are due to reduce noise and vibrations.


BM MaxBron series is the most ‘populous’ one with as many as six representatives: B1000-MB (1 kW), B800-MB (800 W), B700-MB (700 W), B650-MB (650 W), B550-MB (550 W), B450-MB (450 W). All the models feature a combined cabling system and are equipped with linear detachable cables and rubber head pieces Anti3s Q-Brick. Cooling system consists of 135 mm fan on fluid bearing. The series boasts the availability of 80Plus Bronze certificate and is estimated to power the systems with one, two or three graphics cards (depending on the model).


MX series is attributed to the mainstream segment with three models on the board: N650-MA (650 W power), N550-MA (550 W power), N450-MA (450 W power). All of them are equipped with a combined cable management system and linear detachable cables. Their efficiency is estimated as 86%.
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  • 11 June 2013, 12:13
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