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Micron to Carry Out the Production of TLC Memory Next Year

Memory market, similar to other industries, undergoes certain changes and updates from time to time. Therefore, memory manufacturers are currently trying to comply their production with two major tendencies: considerable drop in demand for RAM, employed basically in desktop PCs, and simultaneous growth of demand for solid-state drives, employed in compact tablets and mobile devices. Besides, the latter is developed at lightning speed.

Micron, one of the leading memory manufacturers, feels like no one else all the changes and fluctuations in the market. Its quarterly reports witness about the relentless drop in demand for DRAM (9% drop at average) for the report period. At the same time, increase in SSD segment is estimated at 5% at average. Sales volume of NOR memory type did not outlive serious changes.

According to the preliminary data, Micron is going to carry out the production of memory on TLC microchips, manufactured under 20 nm technological process. The assumed release is planned for the first quarter of 2013. This will be also the time for Micron to put on sale a new series of SSDs, codenamed P400E. The new drives will be targeted at corporate clients. In addition, the company promises to launch a new drive with SATA interface also targeted at corporate consumers.

Nowadays up to 80%-85% of silicon wafers employed by Micron for solid-state solutions contain MLC chips in their framework. The rest 15%-20% are divided between SLC and TLC chips. Although TLC chips are thought to have lower durability resource, if compared with MLC chips, but they still reduce the cost of storage per one info unit.
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  • 24 December 2012, 17:39
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