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MSI Supplements Its Chassis Lineup with Barricade Model

MSI continues the development of brand chassis for the North-American market. The company's latest development, chassis codenamed Barricade, offers the whole range of privileges for its potential customers. The model is designed in Mid-Tower form factor and is compatible with the motherboards of ATX and micro-ATX form factor. Barricade goes in black casing with blue strips and at quite affordable price.

MSI barricade boasts 450x185x412 dimensions and the availability of transparent side window. The major peculiarity of this product is a grid-like clipboard and three integrated 120 mm fans. Two fans are located in the frontal part and go with LED lighting, and the third one is located at the rear part of the casing. In addition, the customer is capable to supplement the kit with two more fans of the same dimensions (at the top of the casing) to provide for better airflow and cooling.

This chassis is equipped with seven PCI Express expansion slots, four 3.5 inch bays, three 5.25 inch bays, and ATX-compatible PSU. The allocation of only a few bays for winchesters is compensated by the real possibility to install high-end elongated graphics adapters. The majority of perforations have got dust filters that save the internal components from contamination.

The set of external interfaces is represented by a couple of USB 2.0 sockets, a single USB 3.0 socket, and two standard audio slots. Next to them the customer will find an integrated card reader and fan rotation speed controller. All drives are installed without the screws.
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  • 08 August 2012, 17:16
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