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Nanoxia Launches the Second Deep Silence Chassis

Nanoxia has announced its plans to start shipping a new chassis series, codenamed Deep Silence 2. The first generation of Deep Silence PC chassis was introduced more than 1.5 year ago, however, all devotees of German standards and reliability were looking forward to the next product designed by Nanoxia. Deep Silence 2 is a Mid-Tower casing which supports the motherboards of ATX, E-ATX, mini-ITX, and micro-ATX standards. The new product will be available in four color gamuts: black, white, silver (front panels) and absolutely white edition.

Chassis Deep Silence 2 is distinguished by the implementation of heightened sound-proof casing properties. Internal part of side panels is finished with a dedicated sound-proof material, while PSU and drive sections accommodate rubber pads which mitigate the noise or vibration. Thus, this model will be a perfect match for those customers who long for quiet operation of their desktop platforms. This enclosure is ready to house CPU coolers of up to 165 mm in height and graphics cards of up to 235 mm in length (up to 370 mm if water-cooling heatsink is absent).

With the purpose to add to the chassis' advantageous properties, Nanoxia equips its products with three low-noise 120 mm fans with two-channel controller. Their maximal rotational speed is estimated at 1300 rpm. Moreover, the manufacturer stipulates the integration of four supplementary fans of analogous form-factor and a single 120/240 mm heatsink of water-cooling system (due to a special bracket on HDD bay).

Internal layout presupposes the integration of seven PCI expansion cards, three 5.25-inch drives, and eight 3.5-inch drives (one with an output to the front panel). The upper panel of the chassis is dedicated to various interfaces. One can find here a couple of 3.5 mm audio ports, a couple of USB 3.0 sockets, and a single USB 2.0 socket.
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  • 19 November 2012, 17:33
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