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New RAM Modules Ballistix Sport SODIMM from Lexar Media

Lexar Media, a well-known American designer of diverse digital media products, starts selling its new RAM series from Ballistix line. Entitled Sport SODIMM, the series is introduced by four SODIMM-DDR3 modules, intended for the incorporation into gaming laptops: BLS4G3N169ES4, BLS8G3N169ES4, BLS4G3N18AES4, and BLS8G3N18AES4. The quadruple is distinguished by an original design with the implementation of unique heatspreaders. All of them are optimized for Intel Core i5/i7 mobile processors of the fourth generation (Intel Haswell platform) and support all up-dated XMP profiles.

The most beneficial feature applied to Ballistix Sport SODIMM modules is their power-saving nature. They are able to operate at 10% lower power voltage than analogous products; hence, they reduce the laptop’s power consumption index and increase the time of its offline work.

To continue, the first two models, BLS4G3N169ES4 and BLS8G3N169ES4, come in 4 GB and 8 GB capacities correspondingly. They operate with CL9 (9-9-9-24) latencies. The other two items, BLS4G3N18AES4, and BLS8G3N18AES4, are also available in 4 Gb and 8 GB capacities respectively, while their recorded latencies make up CL10 (10-10-10-30). It should be noted that Lexar Media delivers Sport SODIMM as separate modules, as well as memory kits consisting of two items with the total 8 GB and 16 GB capacity.
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  • 17 July 2013, 17:25
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