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Release of Chassis Aresze Subverter 7650B with Efficient Cooling System

Aresze is going to release its new series of chassis developed in Mid-Tower form factor. Codenamed Subverter 7650B, these chassis are primarily intended at consumers with the heightened demands to the layout and integration but with rather 'modest' financial possibilities. Subverter 7650B series can boast an outstanding efficiency pertained to cooling down. In addition, the internal zoning and integration of this model are similar to that implemented in more costly line of products manufactured by Aresze.

Aresze took all efforts to achieve the maximal results applied to the efficient cooling down. Thus, the framework zoning for the airflow distribution has been designed according to the company's own technology. The bay designated for graphics cards, which can support the cards of up to 300 mm in length, can be applied for the wide range of solutions. The 120 mm fan is located at the top part of the chassis and serve the blowing out means; this way the hot airflow does not accumulate within the casing but is immediately blown out from it.

There is also a ventilation grid under the hard drive section which facilitates the air-cooling of the section. In addition, this grid is equipped with a dust filter that protects the casing from the dust and other trash. The frontal part of the casing accommodates a force fan; it is called to ensure the unimpeded continual airflow from the outside. Well-considered cable grooming also adds to the cooling system efficiency.

The chassis is furnished with USB 3.0 socket, audio inputs, a couple of bays for 5.25-inch drives, four bays for 3.5-inch hard drives, and seven PCI slots. One more characteristic feature of Subverter 7650B is the choice of materials used for the casing design. Solid materials and qualitative integration are able to ensure the chassis durability.
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  • 25 July 2012, 18:49
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