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Shuttle Offers a New Stylish NAS Storage Omninas KD22

Shuttle, an eminent Taiwanese developer of mini-PCs and barebone-systems, replenishes its production line with a new NAS, entitled Omninas KD22. The storage features a stylish, solid aluminum case, painted in white, and a large blue button that is responsible for the hot swapping of the drives. Generally, the case can accommodate a pair of 3.5-inch (or 2.5-inch) SATA drives, which support such configurations as JBOD and RAID 0/1.

The heart of Omninas KD22 is Marvell 88F6707 processor that runs at 1.2 GHz. The storage is furnished with 512 MB RAM and might offer up to 8TB of disc space. Being primarily a network-attached storage, the product is able to serve as a media-server as well, supporting iTunes, DLNA, BT, FTP server and print server. Additionally, there is a possibility for several different ways of local data transfer.

In order to fully realize an operational potential, Shuttle equips the model with a card-reader for SD cards with automatic copying options, three USB ports (USB 2.0 x1, USB 3.0 x2), and Ethernet network adapter. As for the performance, Omninas KD22 demonstrates quite appropriate speeds: 75 Mb/sec on Read operations and 55 Mb/sec on Write operations. Therein, the storage consumes not more than 19 W while operation, reducing this index to 9 W in standby mode.

A single rear-based fan is accountable for appropriate cooling of all layout components. It is characterized by a low-noise operation. It should be noted that the new NAS from Shuttle supports a remote cooperation with mobile devices, based on iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, the storage provides for the adjustment of an automatic data backup as from the drive to the other drive, so from the network to the drive. An advanced Acronis True Image technology is called to facilitate in all backup processes.
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  • 02 September 2013, 12:40
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