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SilverStone Debuts with SST-ST30SF Power Supply

SilverStone Technology has recently introduced its newest SFX power supply unit. Codenamed SST-ST30SF, it features 125x100x63.5 mm dimensions and weighs 800 g only. The unit is estimated for 300 W power and is capable to demonstrate more than 81% efficiency in 230 V networks. High efficiency level allowed the model to gain 80Plus Bronze certificate.

The most uncommon feature ascribed to SST-ST30SF is that it can operate in passive mode if thermal conditions allow. The unit is equipped with a fan of 80 mm dimensional type; it starts rotating only when the surrounding temperature reaches 55 degrees. This promotes for a considerable power reduction and practically silent work when the fan gets disabled. An average noise level on active operation makes up 18 dB.

SilverStone furnishes the new entry with a single +12V rail, estimated for 22 A current. In its turn, +3.3V rail is estimated for 21 A current, while +5V rail – for 20 A current. It should be noted that this unit has got an appropriate amount of cables with dedicated connectors. Hence, it features main ATX 24-pin cable, EPS12V 8-pin (4+4), FDD Power, Molex 4-pin, PCI Express Power 6-pin, and SATA Power cables.

Although pricing is currently unknown, it’s possible to claim that the unit will worth of its price. This is primarily explained by the employment of high-end components that prolong the product’s lifetime. In the second place SST-ST30SF, like other 80Plus-certified items, dramatically reduces power consumption and provides for a stable, durable operation.
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  • 08 August 2013, 18:23
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