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Synology Launches New NAS Server with Wi-Fi Support

Synology, an established manufacturer of server and network equipment, has announced the release of its two-disk NAS server. Codenamed DiskStation DS213air, this NAS is characterized by Wi-Fi support and the creation of multiple wireless configurations. Synology furnished this model with Wi-Fi adapter which can be connected to the network without any cables. Moreover, this adapter might be employed as a hot point for the extension of the existing Wi-Fi network, and as a router for the creation of wireless network facilities.

NAS Synology DiskStation DS213air operates under DiskStation Manager 4.1 OS and accommodates Web Assistant application. This application helps customers in installation of DSM system from mobile devices by a few unpretentious moves. In addition, the customers might use Quick Start widget to facilitate the acquaintance with DSM platform.

To continue, the model is based on processor with 1.6 GHz operational frequency. It houses DDR3 memory type (256 Mb) and features USB 3.0 interface for HDD connection. The number of integrated HDDs is two; they are developed in 3.5 inch form-factor with SATA II interface. It's possible to integrate, as a substitute, two 2.5 inch drives with SATA interface, or SSD. The overall volume capacity approximates 8TB (each disk of 4TB).

This NAS is furnished with a couple of USB 3.0 ports, a single network port, and Wake on LAN/WAN. Cooling system is represented by a single fan of 92x92 mm dimensional type; it is intended at an efficient cooling effect with the noise level of not more than 19 dB.

Finally, Synology DiskStation DS213air is capable to develop the Read speed of up to 108 Mb/sec and Write speed – up to 58.5 Mb/sec in RAID 1 mode (Windows platform). This model is already available for purchase as in online market so in retail stores.
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  • 08 October 2012, 16:32
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