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The Apogee SKF Waterblock by Swiftech

The Californian water cooling systems components manufacturer – Swiftech – has unveiled the release of the CPU waterblock, called Apogee SKF.
This cooler is compatible with up-to-date platforms from Intel and AMD. The list of processors supported includes Intel LGA 115x, LGA20xx, AMD AM2, AM3 and AM4. Besides, the version for AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs will have been released by the end of the month. The specialty is equipped with the RGB LED-backlighting and is able to draw heat away from the hottest CPU’s parts quite effectively (if what is said by the vendor is true).
Let’s devote our attention to design. The base of this product is made of copper and is internally supplied with a bulk of 125 um microfins, enhancing the cooling effect. The cover of the device may be performed either out of black diethylacetal or out of chrome-plated brass (the Apogee SKF Prestige modification). In both cases the modest-sized window is present, demonstrating the liquid flow process.
Customers may already purchase Apogee SKF through the official Swiftech online store for $70, and Apogee SKF Prestige – for $90.
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  • 05 February 2018, 09:01
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