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TP-Link Unleashes a New Router with Built-In Battery

Following the general tendencies in PC market, router segment also takes the direction towards compactness. This is dictated basically by the necessity to move from one place to the other (i.e. during business trip). Compact routers offer similar to standard solutions performance plus convenience while transportation. The line of products designed by TP-Link involves both, typical and compact routers.

Model TL-MR3040 is attributed exactly to compact solutions with one peculiar feature: built-in battery for 2000 mAh. The battery is able to operate up to four hours as access point under 802.11n standard. Router might be powered as from network adapter, so from a laptop via USB cable.

There is a possibility to employ this model as typical router tied to the wired network. The integrated WAN cable serves specifically this means; moreover, it can be joined with ADSL modem or with a local network. In addition, TL-MR3040 might operate as a client for WISP networks.

Router TP-Link TL-MR3040 is compatible with a wide range of LTE 3G/4G modems, UMTS, Ev-Do, and HSPA modems which can be connected to by means of USB ports. Five different devices are able to use a single USB modem. Internet from 3G/4G network is broadcast via Wi-Fi option. Finally, this model is characterized by 150 Mb/sec connection speed in wide range.
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  • 05 October 2012, 17:13
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