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Western Digital Enters the Market with My Cloud EX2 Ultra NAS

WD came out with a new enterprise-class storage, entitled My Cloud EX2 Ultra. The model is intended for the installation of two HDDs with the maximal capacity of 12 TB. According to the manufacturer, this NAS will be a perfect choice for professionals who require automatic data synchronization, file sharing, data backup, etc.

WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra is based on 1.3-GHz CPU accompanied by 1 GB DDR3. The pair ensures the realization of fast data transferring as well as smooth video streaming. The compatible drives support RAID 0/1, JBOD & Spanning operational modes. Backup process might be realized in several ways: data backup to the other NAS, to the external storage via USB 3.0 port or to the cloud storage via LAN/WAN network.

The model is shipped with pre-installed HDDs (WD Red with support for NASware 3.0 technology), configured to operate in RAID 1. NASware 3.0 is called to improve solidity, minimize data loss prospects in case of power off or voltage surge. If required, it’s possible to acquire NAS without the drives.

Individual attention has been paid to data management. WD made sure that the users could send personal links with access to reading or editing of files stored in NAS, share files, monitor HDD operation, and other options. Moreover, the manufacturer enables free access to data from any place on the globe via a dedicated site or My Cloud mobile app.

In addition, WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra employs extended protocols for data handling: FTP, WebDAV servers, P2P server, Microsoft Active Directory technology. Users are able to download third-party add-ons to enrich the NAS’ functional. Besides, this storage supports Twonky 7.2 media server that allows translating photo & video files from the drive to the connected TV-sets, media-players, gaming consoles, and other DLNA/UPnP devices.
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  • 19 February 2016, 14:40
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