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Chassis CM Storm Trooper Review

Nowadays the differentiation of computer integration becomes more obvious. There is an accepted concept of ‘draught horses’ which are intended for the accomplishment of unpretentious assignments (for home use or office use), and high-end devices called to work miracles while working with diverse applications or playing 3D games. The first type of devices usually goes in standard integration without any foul-ups, but high-end models require more thorough approach towards the assembly.

Chassis is among those components which define the ‘filling’ of each individual computer, that is why, the selection of the appropriate item might take some time. CM Storm Trooper belongs to the chassis type which provides for the high-end computer integration. Moreover, this chassis is considered to be an ideal component for devices with high performance and solid high-temperature elements.

External and Internal Design

1. External design. CM Storm Trooper is characterized by the impressive dimensions and aggressive design. Such design features might witness about the class this chassis belongs to; however, there is one more peculiarity which distinguishes the chassis from other products of the same line: the abundance of ventilation outlets which are called to ensure the maximal blowdown.

The upper board covers the binding for 240 mm. radiator or ventilators of various dimensions. The rear part of the upper board contains a great number of ventilation slots which cover the dust filter. The front part contains the interface board destined for sockets (E-SATA, 2 USB 2.0, 3.0 sockets and 3.5 mm. slots for the headset and a microphone), indicators and control buttons (Reset button, Power on/off button and highlighter bar intensity buttons).

The top of the clipboard is intended for the removable hard disk 2.5" bay; the middle part of the clipboard consists of nine detachable stubs equipped with metallic ventilation sift with the dust filter which secure sufficient blowdown. The bottom part contains a screened removable bay destined for the chassis accessories that can be utilized on any other purpose (for example, for additional fans placement).

The rear board of CM Storm Trooper is equipped with nine bays for expansion cards and a slot for power unit. Left rear board presupposes the installation of two 120 mm. fans which are called to secure the cooling of all crucial elements in the chassis.

2. Internal design. Chassis CM Storm Trooper is implemented in Full Tower form-factor. This signifies that the chassis has got much internal space which can be distributed as per the customers’ needs. There is a possibility to rotate at 90 degrees the lower bays for 5.25 inch devices; each of the bays involves a couple of detached walls which can be placed in a cross position. This is considered to be the major peculiarity of the inner framework. The framework of the chassis allows installing up to nine 5.25 inch devices or eight 3.5 inch drives, or twelve 2,5" drives.

To continue, the standard CM Storm Trooper cooling system embraces four fan types: 2 120 mm. fans which are fastened to the 3.5 inch drive bays, a 140 mm. fan fixed to the back board, and a 200 mm. fan which is installed on the upper panel. The air is taken from the inside by the 200 mm. and 120 mm. fans, and is taken outside by the 140 mm. fan. When all bays for hard disks are full, the fans should be placed crosswise chassis; on such conditions, the fans will process the cold air through the drives from the left side and take off the hot air from the right side.

The cooler can be changed without the motherboard removal. This became possible due to the availability of a large notch in the upper part of motherboard tray. Expansion cards are fixed by screws.


CM Storm Trooper is a spacious chassis which can embrace a number of components. Hence, the user won’t find any difficulty while installing a high-end solid graphics card or a huge cooler. Additional fans can be easily installed on the side board without the fear to damage the cooler or other components. The only impediment which can appear during the installation is power unit cables.

The nominal delivery set includes the user manual, fixing screws and a spanner, cable drafts, eight carriers for hard drives, power cable 8 Pin lengthener, and a couple of metallic bails for 2.5 inch drives.
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  • 04 June 2012, 17:17
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