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E-Book Ectaco JetBook Color Review

The concept of reading has changed dramatically with the emergence of electronic books in the IT market. Nowadays millions of people view e-books as the real discovery as they totally replace libraries and weighty books. These devices are portative tools for reading not only at home but also when on the move. Ectaco JetBook Color developers exceeded their competitors and introduced a revolutionary solution in the form of electronic book with color display. Moreover, Ectaco JetBook Color functions as the tutorial containing a large amount of educational information.

Design and Delivery Set

Ectaco JetBook Color design is distinguished by its elegance and precision, irrespective of the solid dimensions. The faceplate of the e-book is made of glossy plastic and has rounded facets. The back panel has a patterned surface which resembles a leather cover; such cover makes the device easy in handling. All basic control buttons are localized on the black band under the screen. The navigation on the sensor display becomes possible due to the employment of a stylus which is localized on the right-side facet. The lower casing part is multifunctional and is equipped with headphones sockets, USB 2.0 and mini-USB sockets, and a slot for microSD card reader. In addition, the lower facet contains cuts for loudspeakers and buttons for starting, completing and resetting the work of the device. Side facets are not equipped with any control elements.

The delivery set of Ectaco JetBook Color involves merely vital components such as charging unit, user manual, headphones, USB cable, and a cover. The cover is perceptibly solid and functional at the same time: it securely latches the e-book and ensures the device took the suitable position. The user is able to recurve the cover in order to facilitate the work with the device when in hands; besides, the e-book can be utilized as in album so in iconic mode when put on a table.


Electronic book Ectaco JetBook Color is based on progressive color display E-Ink Triton. The integration of color technologies has been achieved due to a special filter which is imposed on the black-and-white display. Despite the fact that the technology is in some way revolutionary, it has a number of drawbacks and defects along with the advantages. The color display lacks appropriate contrasting and tints saturation.

The display diagonal equals to 9.68″ with the resolution of 1600x1200. The base plate of the screen is tinted and this can’t but trigger some visual inconveniences if utilized on conditions of poor lighting.


The Ectaco JetBook Color interface is considered to be rather multifunctional but user-friendly at the same time. The menu of the interface enlists 8 checkmarks which are called to accomplish the e-book parameters setup, for example, to change the volume or font size, and to search for the needed information. The availability of preinstalled programs of educational directivity and systems for language learning is the major distinctive feature of this e-book. Educational programs contain the collection of classical literature, collection of educational tutorials pertained to the humanities and sciences, interactive learning games, dictionaries of various directivity, translation apps, and other useful data.


E-book Ectaco JetBook Color is based on WinCE 6.0 OS with 800 MHz processor. The volume of embedded memory equals to 4 Gb, however the users have a possibility to augment the volume to 32 Gb by means of microSD card. This e-book model can be utilized also as mobile device for the work with web pages. It is equipped with the integrated Wi-Fi module and preinstalled Opera browser. The support of all major text, audio and graphics formats is supposed to be a welcome privilege of Ectaco JetBook Color. Furthermore, the device is equipped with the dictating machine which enables the recording of the needed information.

To continue, this e-book model has a convenient ‘live’ setup of reading modes which is viewed as the chief advantage. Users are able to setup the reading modes with the help of context menu and search out the needed information on any page. Reading settings allow changing the font size, enabling the audio book mode, moving directly to the specified page, finding the particular word or word combination, and many other settings.
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  • 29 May 2012, 22:53
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