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Intel DH77DF - motherboard of Mini-ITX format on chipset Intel H77 (Socket 1155)

Motherboard Intel DH77DF is a part of a series Media, which focuses on working with media content, including the creation and viewing of video. Support for high-performance processors and the availability of high-grade graphics card slot allows use it for building a compact gaming systems.

DH77DF uses a blue color PCB material, like many other Intel products of mass series. There is only one indicator green LED of power supply. The board looks very good good, mainly due to the dense deployment of a large number of elements in a limited space. This integration continues to amaze also in the age of quad phones.

The manufacturer managed to install on board two standard slots for memory modules, so that the total amount up to 16 GB — this is also more than enough for most usage scenarios. Officially supported speeds up to DDR3-1600. Test modules by default worked in 1333, but after selecting in BIOS Setup XMP profile it could start in 2000, but with the 2133 system it was not compatible. Latches on the slots are located on both sides, but it is a low advantage for full-size modules.
The board has a standard size Mini-ITX 17 × 17 inches and is mounted in the housing by four screws. The format limits the number of expansion slots, so that the choice of the maximum possible PCIe x16 3.0 (2.0 to install the Core of the second generation) in this case is optimal. At the same time slot latch is at the corner of the board and relatively accessible. Supplying power to the motherboard is performed via a pair of connectors 24 (you can use 20-pin cable), and 4 pins. The likelihood of serious problems with the laying of wires is small, and the latches on the connectors will be available in any configuration.

To connect the fan to the motherboard there are two four-slot. One of them (the CPU, current up to 2A) is located between the CPU socket and slot PCIe, and the second (system, up to 1.5 A) — near the rear panel. Both slots support speed control and automatic speed control. Setting of this BIOS function are common for Intel, but differ markedly from what can be seen from other manufacturers: is it permissible to establish a «destination» fan and pick one or two temperature sensors, which will use the algorithm of change of velocity.

As for the USB, there is only the chipset — 2 USB 3.0 ports and 4 port USB 2.0 (two of them — with the «enhanced» power to accelerate the charging of mobile devices) on the back and the exact same kit as the connectors on the motherboard to connect body to the terminals. Perhaps only here can be difficulties with connecting cables – connectors are installed too close to each other. But, for Mini-ITX it is quite common.

Gigabit Ethernet controller chip card based on Intel 82579V, that is to be expected and is very good. For its work with the sound chip Realtek ALC898 is responsible. In addition to a set of five stereo and optical digital outputs, the board has a standard connector for the audio jacks on the front panel connector and an additional S / PDIF-Out. The system supports all standard audio tracks, including the HD-version with a Blu-ray discs with the output via HDMI 1.4a. Besides it, for the built-in processor graphics controller there are installed DVI-I (with VGA support through a standard connector), and DisplayPort 1.1a. Two outputs can be active at the same time.

Belonging to the series Media is shown by few more slots on the board: input and output CIR (infrared interface for the receiver and transmitter) and a specialized interface for HTPC (apparently, it can be used by manufacturers of the systems to control additional equipment). There is also the possibility of using a chassis intrusion sensor, and a pair of unsigned connectors.
Motherboard Intel DH77DF, despite its compact size, is good choice for a generic office or home PC, HTPC, and even gaming systems. The board supports high-performance processors, memory modules of standard format and has a PCIe x16 slot for graphics card installation. The high degree of integration of modern chipsets allows to easily implement high-speed interfaces USB 3.0 and SATA 6Gb / s.

The average current price of this model is about $ 138.
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  • 02 August 2012, 15:06
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