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Monitor Envision H2776MHAL (MVA Panel) Review

Envision can’t be called a well-known brand label, though it enters into the group of companies headed by Gigabyte. Despite this fact, the manufacturer tries to offer its potential customers only worthy and outstanding products. Let’s have a look at one of its latest developments – monitor model Envision H2776MHAL.

General Specifications

The first two things that catch the eye in monitor Envision H2776MHAL are display dimensions and panel type. The display features 27 inch dimensions, 16:9 aspect ratio, and 1920x1080 pixels resolution. The model is based on MVA panel type equipped with a power-saving LED backlit. Its response time equals to 12 ms. The integration of such panel is thought to provide for the highest image qualities which are manifested through the following parameters:
— display brightness: 300 cd/m2;
— viewing angles: 178/178 degrees (down and across);
— contrast: static – 5000:1, dynamic – 50 million to 1;
— number of displayed colors: 16.7 million.


Envision H2776MHAL features strict and elegant design. The display case and stand components are made of black mat plastic, except for the frontal frame and base top which have got a glossy surface. The lower panel of the case houses four control buttons, Power button and activity indicator; the latter highlights the top of the stand blue when in operational mode, and orange when in standby mode. Power supply socket and all interface slots are located in a dedicated niche at the display back. The lower angle of the rear panel contains a socket for Kensington’s lock.

The stand base is reinforced by multiple stiffening plates. Its functional isn’t so versatile, though there is a possibility to alter the display angle. Four rubber racks stabilize the monitor on the desk surface, while a quite large base area ensures its steadiness. The rear facet accommodates four special holes for the mounting of a VESA-compatible bracket. All cables might be neatly arranged due to the appropriate brace (available in a delivery kit).


This monitor model is equipped with a couple of HDMI video ports and a single VGA input. The user can choose the necessary input via menu settings; there is also an automatic search for an active input. HDMI ports are able to receive digital audio signals which are driven to analog type (after conversion) into the built-in speakers (2W). Analog sound sources can be connected to mini-jack slot (3.5 mm).

Monitor H2776MHAL is equipped with a built-in power supply unit; power slot has got a standard three-pin connector. The maximal power consumption is fixed at 60W, while the minimal – at 0.5W when in standby mode. The nominal delivery set consists of a display, a stand set, a power cable, an audio cable, a pair of video cables (VGA and HDMI), and CD with dedicated drivers and applets.

Menu Settings

The main Menu page consists of nine large icons that navigate throughout the settings guidelines. If there is a need, the user might alter the OSD position, choose time-out of automatic exit, and increase the transparency of the menu background. Display settings are easily attainable due to dedicated i-Menu applet and INF file driver.

The Menu traditionally embraces such standard settings as ‘Brightness’ and ‘Contrast’. Preset configurations of these settings are stored in several profiles. ‘Gamma’ is one of the three gamma-correction profiles. Color temperature is set either by means of a particular profile or with the help of manual color intensity adjustment. ‘DCR’ mode enables an automatic brightness reduction on dark background, and vice versa, brightness intensification on light background.

There are only two available modes of geometric transformation: forced image stretching across the entire screen area and conversion to 4:3 format. Availability of modes is defined by the video signal type. On VGA commutation and automatic adjustment to the signal parameters is characterized as flawless and error-free. On HDMI commutation the display demonstrates quite high brightness and contrast showings, void of any interpolation or inaccuracies.
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  • 13 March 2013, 15:53
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