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Monitor Samsung S24A850DW Review

Customers all over the world are 'spoiled' by the predominance of monitors, developed under various technologies and targeted to fulfill various assignments. The market is full of items as from well-established companies with global recognition (LG, Asus, etc.) and from start-up companies that just keep up with all modern technologies. Samsung belongs to the high-end echelon and is continually competing with its renowned opponents, releasing ever newer monitors on regular basis. Monitor S24A850DW has been developed with high performance characteristics in mind, as well as, its accessibility to the vast groups.

General Specifications

Samsung S24A850DW belongs to the monitors of average price category and high-end specifications. It is based on S-PLS matrix and employs W-LED lighting. It goes in 1920x1200 resolution with 24 inch display. This model is furnished with D-Sub (VGA), audio-in/out, DVI-D, and DisplayPort interfaces. The availability of four-port USB 3.0 hub (located on the rear part of the monitor) is considered to be the major peculiarity of this monitor.

Layout and Framework

S24A850DW developers do not offer too much novelty in design. The casing does not have any inclusions or gloss and is designed in a quite strict style. It is made of plastic which resembles the stippling of aluminum, and is characterized by thin base. The foot is supported a couple of screws in the central part of the casing. There is a possibility to hang the display due to the VESA compatible bracket and the availability of six holes in the base. The stand is distinguished by the enlarged dimensions. The central foot mount is moved backwards; in addition, this area is designated for the deflection mechanism. This monitor is equipped with the external PSU which is located on a separate platform.

The rear part of the casing is destined for the interface sockets. Thus, the customer can find in the left part of the back plate four USB 3.0 ports with a single input to connect this USB hub. Those sockets are available for the external HDD, SDD drives, as well as, peripheral components connection. The availability of audio input/output enables the hookup with headsets, audio system, etc. The right part accommodates power socket, DVI-D, DisplayPort and D-Sub sockets.

Special attention must be paid to the stand of the monitor. It should be mentioned that framework of the stand resembles the framework of products from other manufacturers in technical approach. The stand in S24A850DW has got metallic base and six rubber stems which provide the necessary steadfastness and reliability. The stand is able to make 45 degrees angle in both sides. The customer will probably appreciate the facility of changing the foot height in the ranges of 15 cm and altering the slope angle from -2 to +25 degrees. Moreover, it is possible to adjust the display into a portrait mode to be employed for specific needs.
The nominal delivery set of Samsung S24A850DW consists of a power cable, external PSU, user quick setup manual, warranty, D-Sub cable, CD with software, and wire for USB hub connection. Unfortunately, this kit is void of other interface cables, so the customer will have to acquire them separately.

Menu and Control

All manipulations connected with the control and adjustment of Samsung S24A850DW are realized by means of six buttons without any lighting. The right-most button is responsible for the startup and shutdown of the monitor; all other buttons are called to facilitate the adjustment of different parameters or the activation of the main menu. Power-saving options, color intensity and contrast, and many other activities can be accomplished by means of the main menu.

The main menu is enabled due to the dedicated OSD button. Some of the general adjustments (which were previously located in the main options) are now found in separate segments. The first segment, codenamed Picture, allows the customer to adjust the intensity, contrast and sharpness of the imaging. This segment also includes options which adjust the Response Time by default and switch the display modes (Magic Bright and Magic Color). Color segment offers RGB settings, color temperature profiles, and Gamma options with three working modes (faded, bright and dark). Size and Position segment enables the adjustment of image localization on the display. Setup and Reset segment is called to complete a number of options, starting from power efficiency adjustment, and finishing with the change of language and activation of transparent menu.
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