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Motherboard MSI Z270 Gaming M5 Review (Part II)

So, let's continue reviewing the new motherbord recently released by the MSI company — Z270 Gaming M5.

UEFI Features

The MSI company UEFI appearance has not at all changed. It is called the Click BIOS 5. A mechanism M-Flash, which has already worked without any remarks, is used to update the firmware. Basic mode allows to learn in detail about the processor, memory and storage devices used in the system. Moreover, here you can customize the work of coolers, enable XMP profile, or use the services of instant acceleration realized by the company’s engineers. The selected shell items may be optionally gathered in one of the five individual sections.

Hardware Monitor component will show the four most important current values for voltages acceleration. Just six coolers can change the momentum by scripts generated on the board. An interactive version is exclusively used for CPU 1 and PUMP 1 pads. The four system fans operate initially at a fixed speed, but still you can create individual artful work profiles for them.

For delicate system setup of the system an advanced UEFI mode is provided. The overclocking section initially hides part of the parameters; you can go to the Expert position to display them. Among the auxiliary machinery is interesting to see the profiles for overclocking (or fine tuning) of RAM. A rich set of different parameters is as well offered for conducting individual experiments.

The emergence of an LLC mechanism in voltage stabilizer is one more additional reason for the MSI products fans’ joy. Six profiles are provided to save the settings. Interactive browser of the system components has once again shown its full functionality.

Package and Equipment

The box’s appearance has not at all changed and it is quite catchy with the board itself partially displayed on the front side. On its rear side there is a complete picture of the product, its characteristics are displayed in the table and the emphasis is made on the software suite included. The support of five hundred memory sets is assured, so the user is unlikely to encounter any compatibility problems.

The following items can be found inside the box:

  • • a user’s guide which illustrates and describes all the UEFI subparagraphs in detail (in English);
  • • a multi-lingual quick install guide;
  • • a CD with drivers and proprietary software;
  • • a sticker with MSI gaming series logo;
  • • a customer registration card;
  • • an extension cord for connecting a LED tape;
  • • four SATA 6Gb/s cables, two of which are with the L-shaped connector on one end;
  • • a set of twelve labels for marking SATA cables;
  • • a case plug, supplemented by a black-toned sticker with all the slots marked; its rear side is papered with noise absorbing material;
  • • one flexible bridge for SLI dual-card organization.


MSI Z270 Gaming M5 is absolutely consistent with its class and price category. The implementation of a new sound system is to be highlighted as one of the special qualities. LLC profiles for the CPU power supply subsystem have pleased as there has been absolutely no problem with its overclocking. Yes, achieving special heights without “scalping” is no longer possible, but it will hardly scare true enthusiasts.

For fluctuating customer product can be attractive with its simple UEFI setup procedure, as well as with its software set. There is only one profile for easier overclocking and it is quite optimistic for ordinary retail processors.

As for the memory subsystem, the overclocking of RAM modules is possible, but requires high voltages; however, even XMP activation leads to the same steps. Therefore, the final energy consumption of the whole computer is rather high. However, no questions to the stability of the system arise and the productivity also remains quite high as expected.

Whatever it was, MSI has prepared for the announcement of its new motherboards perfectly well, so there are no obvious limitations for MSI Z270 Gaming M5 recommendation a wide range of users.
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  • 19 January 2017, 11:11
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