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PSU Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W Review

Power supply units manufactured by Cooler Master gained solid reputation long time ago. The company tries to deliver products targeted at different customer segments, however premium-class products enjoy the greatest popularity among the audience. Silent Pro Gold 800W enters into a series of five models from 600W to 800W and aspires to take the place in the high-end market and compete with other series of products from Cooler Master (Silent Pro Hybrid). Upon the whole, the model does not provide for any technological innovations, still bringing the customers the utmost performance and reliability.

General Information

Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 800W is delivered in a quite large card box that counts a few useful PSU components, including a set of cables for the connection of PC elements. The delivery box is designed in goldish and black colors to imply that the unit belongs to the top-class segment. Practically all basic specifications of the product are listed on the box. According to the claimed data, this unit is able to achieve the maximal 780W power at +12VDC line.

Available Sockets and Cables

This power supply unit employs modular system of cable connection with the internal components of the PC enclosure. Such cable management permits the user to remove all unnecessary cables and leave more space for other elements. The number of sockets and their localization on the plaits is optimal and corresponds to the contemporary requirements established for the PSUs of such class. SATA Power sockets are located on three plaits. The cable length to the CPU power connectors is augmented a bit and equals to 60 cm. Such length will be sufficient for any type of enclosure with the top unit installation and for midi-tower chassis with bottom-part unit installation.

The overall number and type of sockets can be dwindled to the following items:
— 4-pin Peripheral Connector (4 connectors);
— 4-pin 12V Power Connector;
— 4-pin Floppy Drive Connector (1 connector);
— 6-pin PCI-e 1.0 VGA Power Connector (3 connectors);
— 8-pin PCI-e 2.0 VGA Power Connector (3 connectors);
— 8-pin SSI Processor Connector (1 connector);
— 15-pin SATA Connector (9 connectors);
— 24-pin Main Power Connector (1 connector).

Cooling System

Model Silent Pro Gold 800W employs quite powerful cooling system. It consist of a 120 mm fan (DFB122512M by YLTC) and a couple of solid radiators with the bottom depth of 6 mm. The fan is based on sliding bearing and is able to develop the speed of up to 1500 rotations per minute. The first radiator with high-voltage components is standard, while the second one is a kind of hybrid with a basic transformer. The localization of both radiators promotes for the utmost aerodynamic characteristics to achieve the maximal cooling effect.


1. Efficiency. Testing results of PSU from Cooler Master showed that this unit is capable to achieve the maximal 90% efficiency at 200W-800W power loading. The level of efficiency drops when the power is reduced: 80% efficiency at 50W and 72% efficiency at 35W. The most reasonable operational range fluctuates within the measures of 750W.
2. Noise Level. Noise tests proved that this unit can be characterized as mid-noise product. This implies that the noise will be barely heard while operation. Still, at maximal power loading, the level reaches the mark of 40 dB that exceeds ergonomic standards.
3. Customer Evaluation. Customer properties of Silent Pro Gold 800W are a balanced set of specifications: good electrical parameters, high conversion efficiency, mid-noise qualities, and high loading capacity at +12VDC line.
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  • 21 September 2012, 12:08
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