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PSU Seasonic S12II-520 Bronze Review

Seasonic Electronics has already indulged the community with its PSU solutions of M12II and S12II series. Currently, all the models included to those lineups are marked by 80 Plus Bronze certificate that testify their belonging to the high-end echelon. This year the company has completed the modernization of S12II series to add some advanced characteristics to its products. PSU S12II-520 Bronze is delivered with the nominal power of 520 W and is primarily designated to be employed in gaming PCs with a single high-performance graphics adapter.

Design Peculiarities and Cable Set

Power supply unit Seasonic S12II-520 Bronze goes in ATX 12V form-factor and boasts 80 Plus Bronze standards. The nominal delivery kit is not differentiated by any peculiar components, since the manufacturer included only a detailed user manual, four screws, network power cable, power adapter from PATA to a couple of sockets for FDD connection.

PSU casing is developed in black coloring with the integrated ventilation grid and goes in standard dimensions (150x140x86 mm). The surface of casing is dull, so no dust or dirt will become prominent. The ventilation grid on the back plate consists of hexagonal perforations. Here, one can find also network activation button, a socket for the connection of power cable, and voltage indicator that identifies the output voltage index (usually from 100V to 240V).

The store of cables is sufficient for the PSU of such a kind; the same touches upon the length of cables that makes the model compatible with the majority of PC enclosures. The entire range of power sockets is listed below:
— a single 8-contact power socket (main);
— a single 20+4-contact power socket;
— a single 6+2-contact PCIe socket (additional power);
— a single 6-contact PCIe socket (additional power);
— a single 4+4 power socket (universal);
— six sockets for peripheral PATA devices;
— six sockets for SATA.


Seasonic S12II-520 Bronze is able to handle 130W of the overall loading on +3.3V and +5V lines; each of the lines can handle up to 24A. This PSU model is equipped with two virtual +12V lines with the maximal loading capacity of 20A. At the same time, the overall power efficiency of +12V line equals to 480W. The range of output voltage fluctuates in the measures of 100V to 240V that allows employing this PSU in different countries, with different power standards. This power supply unit is able to achieve up to 82% efficiency. Besides, the product is notable for the availability of security standards, such as SCP, OPP, and OVP.

The model is furnished with 120 mm fan (Adda AD1212MB-A70GL) that is based on ball-bearing. The fan is capable to demonstrate up to 1800 rpm. A part of it is covered by a plastic lid to provide for better casing cooling down. The cooling of power elements is realized by means of two aluminum radiators.

The basic scheme of the PSU is designed on the one-side circuit board, while the PWM/PFC controller scheme is located on a separate board. In addition, the user will find EMI-filter, which is utilized for the elimination of any network noises or malfunctions, and Nippon Chemi-Con capacitors estimated for 105 degrees.

Noise and Pulsing

Seasonic S12II-520 Bronze is characterized by low noise level when the power does not exceed 200W. However, when the power trespasses this margin, the noise index rises to the average mark. It should be stated that this PSU doesn't have any components with the heightened warming-up properties; this balances the temperature scale and saves the unit from overheating.

To continue, pulsing index in +3.3V line fluctuates within the boundaries of 20 mV, in +5V line – 28 mV, and in +12Vl ine – 32 mV. This witnesses that all showings correspond to the set norms. One more beneficial feature of this PSU is that manufacturer provides its customers with 5 years' limited warranty.
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  • 14 August 2012, 13:39
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