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There are three types of PSU: standard, partially modular and modular. Conventional power supplies are those to which most users are accustomed, such models have a large bundle of wiring tightened inside the case.There is no possibility of increasing the length of the cables, replacing them in the occasion of damage, or simply dismantling unnecessary lines. The second type is these ones to which our experimental, partially modular systems belong. There comes out a limited number of wires, and as a rule, the other cables are connected using connectors on the case.And the third option is when all the wiring are completely disconnected from the case. Modular system allows you to get rid of problems with extra wiring, taking up a lot of space inside the case and worsening air circulation. Usually such models cost a little more.

Packaging and Design

AeroCool KCAS-650M 650W is arrived in a dark package, on the front part there is a logo of the 80 PLUS Bronze certificate. Among the useful information a customer will find: technical characteristics, data on the line, and a mark about the support of Haswell processors.
The package includes: a power cable, a cable with 4 SATA, a cable with 2 SATA and 2 MOLEX, a cable with 1 SATA and 2 MOLEX, a cable with two PCI circuits 6 + 2, an adapter with MOLEX on Floppy, a set of screws for fastening, and also technical documentation.
The detailed information is provided on the technical characteristics of each line.
Out of the case only two cables come: a 24-pin ATX and an 8-pin CPU cable. All wiring come with a protective covering./>
On the back there are four connectors for connecting removable wiring. A separate branch with a red marking is provided for the video card.
Closer View
Some main points:
Power output — 650 W

Power supply standard — ATX12V 2.4
Number of individual lines +12V — 1
Max. current on the line +12V — 54 A
Combined load of +12V — 648 W
Efficiency — 90%
Certificate 80 PLUS — Golden
Fan size of power supply unit — 140 mm
Fan Light – is present (RGB)
The basis is the HEC Group board with Teapo capacitors, as well as a separate board with an electromagnetic interference filter. On the lines 12 and 5 V the given capacity is 4400 μF, in the 3.3 V circuit — 2200 μF.
The Yong Lin DFS132512H fan blows at a speed of 1700 rpm. Differential interference can be protected by two capacitors.
The system is equipped with a zener diode for protection during voltage surges. There is a block in the shape of a full bridge for correcting the power factor. Four assemblies on a 12 V line, two on 5 V and a separate rectifier for 3.3 V.
On the 12 V and 5 V lines there is a group stabilization choke.
All models of the KCAS-GM series are equipped with RGB-backlight. The user can select any of the 16.8 million colors of the RGB palette, adjust the brightness and even use a variety of dynamic illumination modes (with a gradual change in color and/or brightness).
To connect the LEDs located on the fan frame, use a cable with a four-pin connector. This connector must be connected to a special hub P7-H1 (sold as a separate product) or motherboard with a backlight control system (ASUS Aura, Gigabyte RGB Fusion and MSI Mystic Light Sync technologies are supported).
The price of the newcomer is near 65-70 dollars.

+ Uncompromising real output at 650W DC.
+ The intelligent modular offer simplifies the management of cables and fully mesh bushings reduces the system airflow unit.
+ Elegant black power supply case with fully black mesh cables.
+ Complies with ATX12V Ver.2.4.
+ Fully compatible with the latest generation of Intel Core processors, starting with the 4th generation Intel Haswell processor with C6/C7 power-saving mode.
+ Up to 90% + efficiency with the 80Plus Gold official certificate.
+ Single rail 12 V for high compatibility and extremely large output power.
+ 20 + 4P and processor 4 + 4P up to 550 mm long — easy access to all components.
+ Two PCIe 6 + 2pin connectors for a high-performance graphics card.
+ Up to 7 SATA connectors support multiple hard drives.
+ 14-quiet black fan with intelligent fan speed control.
+ Full protection with OVP/UVP/OPP/SCP/SIP.
+ Safety and electromagnetic compatibility with CE and TUV certification.
+ ECO supports the RoHS and Erp 2014 directives.
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  • 23 November 2017, 12:55
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