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Review of GeminII S524 from Cooler Master

Cooler plays a vital role in the computer operation activity and it’s necessary that every person should choose the appropriate model. This is not an easy task to select the cooler which would comply with the computer’s design, framework, and, at the same time, which would show good performance rate. The market of coolers for HTPC and low-profile computers is not pampered by the abundance of products from cooler manufacturers. However, Cooler Master company takes the challenge to satisfy the needs of contemporary customers and offers an efficient solution for PCs of such a kind in the form of their cooler GeminII S524.

Basic Peculiarities

Cooler GeminII S524 corresponds to the aggregation of a high-end radiator and a fan. Radiator is responsible for the effective cooling of all elements; in its turn, fan is responsible not only for the cooling activity but also for good performance. The availability of five heat-conducting pipes, which are called to secure an additional cooling of motherboard components and CPU, is considered to be the major peculiarity of cooler GeminII S524.

Other basic peculiarities of the cooler can be listed as follows:

1. Compatibility with Intel and AMD processors.
2. Radiator weight and material: radiator weight approximates 490 g., and it’s made of aluminum with copper base.
3. Fan dimensions and speed: fan dimensions approximate 120x120x25 mm., weight – 104 g., and the speed equals to 800-1800 rpm.
4. Noise level ripples from 15 to 31 dB.
5. The cooler uses plain bearing.
6. Power socket is four-contact.

GeminII S524 Framework

The cooler framework doesn’t contain any plastic, and even separate components of the device are made of metal. This is supposed to be a welcome distinctive feature of this cooler. The fan is localized over the framework which is a typical location for the models developed by Cooler Master. Such localization allows for easier installation of the framework into the PC. The speed of fan is adjusted by means of pulse-width modulator. As seen from the basic peculiarities of this cooler, the speed band is not large; therefore, the manufacturers tried to bring the speed and performance into conformity.

Radiator framework is developed in a way to reduce the excessive resistance to the fan and take not much space.

When in Use

Testing of cooler’s qualitative characteristics was realized under conditions of both, maximal and minimal speed at the open stand. The formal data records were made during processor heating activity and on the test completion when the processor cooled down. Hence, it’s possible to state that cooler GeminII S524 beat its opponents and predecessors in the light of performance and noise level. The noise level approximates to zero when the cooler is under low phase activity; when the cooler is under high phase activity, the noise level doesn’t manifest itself too obviously.

The following performance characteristics are achieved not only due to the cooler’s framework and equipment, but also due to the sufficient space ventilation in the cabinet. Even if the space and ventilation in the cabinet are limited, cooler GeminII S524 is able to cool all elements of the motherboard and processor at the appropriate level. This is due to the fact that air stream is evenly distributed as to the scorching processor core, so to the memory card and chip set.

Cooler Installation

Cooler GeminII S524 doesn’t trigger any difficulties while installing due to the high localization of the fan. Such localization prevents the fan from resting against the components of power MOSFETs, and simultaneously allows the fan to supply those components with the sufficient cooling. In order to install the cooler, the customer will have to take off the motherboard firstly and then to use fixing elements for proper fastening. The initial delivery set of cooler GeminII S524 is equipped with the dedicated fixing elements as for Intel so for AMD sockets.
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  • 24 May 2012, 10:30
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