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SSD Sandisk Extreme Review

The market of solid-state drives is currently saturated with products from multiple manufacturers. Such conjuncture can be viewed from two aspects: on the one hand, the multiformity gives potential customers some perfect opportunities to choose the model which would absolutely comply with their technical requirements and financial possibilities; on the other hand, it can lead to some difficulties in giving preference to the particular product. SanDisk company accepts a challenge from numerous competitors and please their clients with new developments on regular basis. SSD SanDisk Extreme can be attributed to the developments that would not disappoint any person.

Integration and Framework

SSD drives aren’t notable for their unique and extraordinary design, since they are used as the integral component of computer equipment rather than accessory. SSD SanDisk Extreme belongs to the drives with standard design. Metallic cabinet is a reliable shield for the board which protects it from any adverse involvements. The initial delivery set embraces only the drive itself and the user guidance describing the installation process and general utilization items.

The same words can be mentioned also about the framework of a drive. SSD SanDisk Extreme framework preserves the technologies available in other products of the same class. This model is distinguished by the vast spacing on the board designated for the memory cards from SanDisk manufacturer.

Technical Peculiarities:

— capacity: 120 GB;
— interface: SATA 6 GB/sec;
— operated memory: MLC;
— controller: LSI SandForce SF-2281;
— power consumption: 0.6 W.

The interface of SSD SanDisk Extreme deserves a particular attention from the operability viewpoint. It should be mentioned that all drives based on LSI SandForce controllers support the interface of SATA III type. However, this model is able to support SATA interface of the preceding versions. On such conditions, the performance showings might differ depending on the type of interface.

Performance Testing

SSD Sandisk Extreme manufacturers claimed about the following performance showings:
— consecutive writing – up to 510 Mb/sec;
— arbitrary writing – up to 83K IOPS;
— consecutive reading – up to 550 Mb/sec;
— arbitrary reading – up to 23K IOPS.

Performance testing has been realized on binary conditions: with the employment of small amount of information and huge amount of data. The initial test employed 4K of information. Devotees of developments from this manufacturer can sigh with relief as the testing results are more than promising. The reading and latency speed increases gradually, and is void of sudden changes. The writing speed proves also to be stable when in use with the majority of modes. Nevertheless, in arbitrary sequence mode the results show nonlinear behavior of data compression with infrequent dips.

The second test, which employed the large piece of data (2 Mb), can be called successful as well. The data reading and writing speed can enter into serious competition with the drives from other manufacturers, even if the results are averaged. Such hopeful results are achieved by means of optimal process distribution and sufficient number of NAND memory cards. Testing results (when the large piece of data is employed) had to be averaged due to the perceptible record fluctuations. Such aspects might witness about the additional drive capacities which had not been yet used. Sometimes the drive uses its might halfway and this aspect is rather obvious.

Advantages over Competitors

Pricing policy is considered to be the most advantageous peculiarity of SSD Sandisk Extreme. Moderate prices serve the attractive point for the targeted customer groups. Its delivery set doesn’t contain any supplementary accessories, such as fixing frame, which can be viewed as the bonus. Bonus components frequently add some dollars to the total price.
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  • 25 May 2012, 16:09
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